A group of three men
© Privat / Uni BremenThis photo was taken some time ago: Friedo Berninghausen (right) together with former Rector Prof. Jürgen Timm (left) and Prof. Bengt Beutler, Chairman of “unifreunde”.

Memorial ceremony for Friedo Berninghausen

In 2013 the University of Bremen lost a faithful friend and sponsor who in his lifetime established numerous bridges between the citizens of Bremen,  entrepreneurs and members of the University: Among other acts of goodwill towards the University, Friedo Berninghausen (right in photo) created the Berninghausen Prize for Outstanding and Innovative Teaching, which has been awarded annually since 1992. In early December 2013, his family, the University of Bremen and the “unifreunde” held a memorial ceremony in his honor. Some 180 guests followed the invitation to attend. The Rector of the University, Prof. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, stressed: “With Friedo Berninghausen the University of Bremen has lost a good friend and active campaigner for its interests. The fact that our University now enjoys such a sound reputation all over Germany is in no small part due to his efforts”.


The zero-gravity classroom

A most unusual research laboratory becomes operational in the German  Aerospace Center's “School Lab”. Located on the Center’s premises in the University Technology Park, a tenmeter high space tower makes it possible for high-school students to carry out their very own experiments under zero  gravity. The lab facility is not only a precisely scaled down version of the drop tower operated by the University of Bremen’s Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravitation (ZARM): It was even designed by drop-tower engineers. This innovative cooperation between “DLR_School_Lab” and ZARM represents an ambitious project for the promotion and possible future recruitment of young talent.

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Website "DLR_School_Lab"

Mann mit Mikro vor Zuhörern
© Harald Rehling / Uni BremenIs discussing with the students and employees of the University: Rector Prof. Bernd Scholz-Reiter.

University management calls general assembly

With the aim of facilitating discourse between the University’s management and all members of the University, shortly before the Christmas break the Rector, Director of Finances and Administration, and the three Vice Rectors issued an invitation to attend an information event. Some 300 students and University employees met in the Mensa to debate the report recently issued by the Science Council, the University’s problematic financial situation, and the subsequent difficulties in the
area of teaching and studies. Everyone present agreed to continue this form of exchange in 2014.

New DFG research group on ultra-precision processing

Technical components like those used in cellphone cameras or laser printers are becoming increasingly precise and have to meet the most stringent  requirements. How can the industrial manufacture of such ultra-precise components be even further improved on? This is the question that will occupy the attention of a new research group supported by the German Research Society.

“Ultra-Precision High Performance Cutting” (UP-HPC) is a cooperation between the University of Bremen and the Leibniz University of Hannover. It kicks off in 2014 and will be initially funded for a period of three years. The Bremen partners are the Laboratory for Micromachining (LFM, Prof. Ekkard Brinksmeier), the Bremen Institute for Structural Mechanics and Production Facilities (Prof. Bernd Kuhfuss), and in Hannover the Institute of Production.