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Group picture with two women and three men.
© Harald Rehling/Universität BremenThe Bremer Studienpreis winners 2013 (from left): Peter Hansen, Sigrid Kannengießer, Anke Katharina Drewitz, Thomas Veltzke and Amin Ardestani. Yasir Zaki was unable to attend the photo shoot.

Bremer Studienpreis 2013

In 2014 six graduates University of Bremen received the Bremer Studienpreis awarded by the Gesellschaft der Freunde der Universität Bremen and the Jacobs University Bremen (“unifreunde”)  for their outstanding final theses and doctoral dissertations. The prize winners are the social scientist and the humanist Dr. Sigrid Kannengießer and Anke Katharina Drewitz, Dr. Yasir Zaki and Peter Hansen (both scientists and engineers). The special prize Bruker Daltonik went to Dr. Thomas Veltzke, and Dr. Amin Ardestani received the special prize awarded by the Rotary Club Bremen-Roland.

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Humanoide robots in winner pose wearing Germany jersey.
© Universität BremenGerman champions in 2014 and third place in the World Cup: the Bremen team of robot kickers.

Bremen robot soccer team: German champions and World Cup third

In April the B-Human Team, four times world champion in robot football, once again won the RoboCup German Open. In Magdeburg the team beat nine other teams from four diffrerent countries in der Standard Platform League. At the world championship held in Brazilian João Pessoa, though, they were defeated by the stronger competition from Australia: the B-Human team had to be content with third place.


Group picture with one woman and four men.
© Harald Rehling/Universität BremenThe prize winning students Konstantin Tscherkaschin, David Horch, Theodor Hillebrand, Maike Taddiken and Yannik Auth (from left) photographed with the measuring device. It fits into a bottle and can be used to check the water quality.

For better drinking water in developing countries

A team in the area of Electrical Engineering at the University of Bremen has been awarded the first prize in COSIMA (Competition of Students in Microsystems Applications), the largest German competition for students of microsystems technology. The five students won the prize for developing  a measuring device called Scipio (Scientific Purification Indicator) designed to check the quality of drinking water. As it is small and robust, and can even be used by children and people who can’t read, it is ideally suited for developing countries.

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Portrait of a smiling woman.
© privatAward for her outstanding dissertation: geographer Dr. Anna-Lisa Müller.

Award for Geographer

Dr. Anna-Lisa Müller from the Institute for Geography received an award for her doctoral dissertation from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie. The award for her dissertation with the title “Green Creative Cities. Zur Gestaltung eines Stadttypus des 21. Jahrhunderts” is endowed with 1,000 euros. In her thesis the research assistant explores new strategies of urban planning, investigating how to make the urban environment more attractive for people working in creative areas of the economy.

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Man in a diving suit
© MPIOn the Bermudas Manuel Kleiner did also researches.

Friedrich Hirzebruch Prize for Dissertation

In 2014 Dr. Manuel Kleiner, a researcher at the Bremen Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology (MPI) at the University of Bremen, received the Friedrich Hirzebruch Prize for his doctoral dissertation. Kleiner was awarded the predicate “summa cum laude“ by the University of Bremen. The prize for outstanding dissertations, which is endowed with 5,000 euros, is awarded annually by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

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Bremen „pilots“ a head in front

In the 15th German final of „Steel Flies “ the “pilots” from the University of Bremen just managed to pip the post. In Bremen ÖVB Arena the team from the Bremen Institute for Structural Mechaniocs and Production Facilities took the first place, followed closely by students from the Bremen Institut für angewandte Strahltechnik GmbH (Bremen Institute for Applied Beam Technology) on second place.

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Porträt eines lächelnden Mannes.
© Ulrich Reiß / Uni BremenDaniel Meyer

“Top 40 under 40” and DFG prize winner

Young, influential, and successful – in 2014 the junior researcher in the field of production engineering Dr. Daniel Meyer received a double honour: for breathing life into interdisciplinary cooperation by bringing natural and engineering sciences closer together he received Germany’s most coveted award in the sciences: the “Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preis” awarded by the German Research Foundation [Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)]. In addition to this the business magazine “Capital” listed the trained biologist and doctor of engineering in its “Top 40 under 40” .

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Iluminated autonomous underwater vehicle
© Jakob Weber/Universität BremenIn 2014 Bremen students of computer science scored international successes with their AVALON autonomous underwater vehicle.

Students score success with underwater vehicle

Bremen students of computer science score a notable success: In Autumn a team comprising members of the University of Bremen and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence chalk up a success with their autonomous underwater vehicle, or AUV, called AVALON in not one but two European contests held in the Italian town of La Spezia. In the “Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge – Europe“ (SAUC-E) the team won gold. And in the “euRathlon“ contest they took first, second, and third place in different categories. In future AUVs will be used amog other things to inspect and carry out underwater maintenance work on ships. They could also be used in civil defence applications and catastrophe situations to help gain an overview, collect information on the underwater environment, and locate sources of danger.

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Young researchers investigate kite flying and nanoparticles

In 2014 the Faculty of Production Engineering once more awarded special “World Rescuer” prizes within the context of the regional section of the federal competition for youth researchers “Jugend forscht Bremen”. Tammo Gürtzgen (18), Kian Lamprecht (18) and Florian Damke (17) from the school Schulzentrum Rübekamp won a prize for investigating the impact of silver nanoparticles on the ecosystem. They were supported in the project by scientists from the University’s Centre for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technologies. The hobby kite flyers Johannes Conradi (18), Beve Akkermann (17) and Felix Sievers (19) from the Kippenberg Gymnasium investigated how the efficiency of ships’ drives is increased by parafoils (surf kites). Both teams were awarded first place in their categories as well as first place in the regional section overall .

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Portrait of a smiling man.
© Universität BremenDAAD prize winner Simón Algorta enrolled on the international Master’s program “Digital Media”.

“...great ambassador for the Universty”

In 2014 Master‘s student Simón Algorta from Columbia won the German Academic Exchange Office prize for international students. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros. In 2011 Algorta came to Germany from Bogota to study at the University of Bremen on the international Master’s program “Digital Media”. “He is a great ambassador for the University”, says his professor, Andreas Breiter. Among other things Simón Algorta played an important role in the development of an interactive application for the “Multi-touch Table” designed within the University of Bremen’s Creative Unit “Communicative Figurations” .

Creative Unit and “Multi-touch Table” in the Yearbook-Theme 2014

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Woman in a diving-suit on a boat.
© privatSabrina Schmalz, holder of a “STEM Excellence” scholarship, had to become a professional-level diver in order to collect data from coral reefs.

STEM scholarship for coral research

Sabrina Schmalz is one of the 31 students to be granted a scholarship for “STEM excellence” awarded by Manfred Lautenschläger-Stiftung in 2014. The biology student is writing her thesis in the Master’s program “International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology”. She is carrying out research on the interactions between corals and algae at the Leibniz Center for Marine Tropical Ecolog.

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Support for Uni start-up TobyRich

Make contacts, tap new markets – venture across the Atlantic. The start-up TobyRich is being helped to do just that within the context of the German Accelerator: the international panel of experts selected TobyRich among others from a total of 80 applications. The young enterprise received help from the University of Bremen during its start-up phase. The young entrepreneurs Ulrich Ditschler and Tobias Dazenko will not only have offices placed at their disposal in San Francisco. A special mentoring program will assist them to find business-angel financing in Silicon Valley and intensify their sales contacts. The company is specialised in the design of innovative gimmicks for smartphones.

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Group picture of rower during an award ceremony.
© Soeren DannhauerThe succesful University rowers (from left): Julia Strübig and Ann-Kathrin Weber (silver), Melanie and Lisa Baues (gold), Franziska Goldgrabe and Wiebke Schütt (bronze). In the foregraound, Rita Girschikowski (President of Stadtsportbund Hannover), Stefan Schostok (Hanover Oberbürgermeister) and Michaela Röhrbein (Member oft he board of the Allgemeine Deutsche Hochschulsportverband)

Twelve medals for University rowers

During the German university championships held in Hanover the female rowing team won no less than gold, three silver and six bronze medals. To crown their success they were nominated for the European student championships to take place in summer 2015. This is the first time the University of Bremen has won the German University Cup for the most successful team in 19 championship race events.