Counselling and networks

Zap offers counselling services and the provision of guidance and is also leading and coordinating several working groups. All these activities are linked to lifelong learning, biographical approaches and the experience of working life and volunteering of our course participants and other clients.

Counseling and Supervision

Our counselling approach provides a framework for reflection, but also supports problem solving and conflict resolution. If needed, practical support and mediation as well as supervision are also offered. more »

Working groups

Zap heads and coordinates several regional and local working groups to facilitate and enhance information exchange, collaboration between various institutions and actors of society and the planning of joint activities with zap’s cooperation partners and extended networks. The actors and working group members typically represent labour market and training institutes and are involved in the political, educational and vocational field. They come from companies, vocational schools, training and adult education centres, the Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the unions, political parties and NGOs, among others.