German Language and the History of Emigration to North America

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Course content

German Language 

Your stay in Bremen can be made much easier with the ability to communicate with the locals. This course includes German language courses to facilitate this process or improve your level of proficiency, working towards fluency in the German language. Teaching German in everyday situations, it offers an introduction to German language basics.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages we teach levels from A1 to C1.

Course description – beginners
Learning basic German (speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing, communicative grammar) with the aid of modern teaching methods (incl. e-learning in the Language Learning Center), introduction to short news articles and television news, applying language for everyday communication in and around Bremen.

Course description – advanced students
Improvement of all language skills, capability of sophisticated phrasing, (inter-) cultural aspects, project work.


History of Emigration to North America

Bremen's port in Bremerhaven has played an important role in history concerning the emigration from Germany to North America. Learn about this process through various sources in our beautiful city, rich with cultural heritage. 

Through lectures, seminars, and individual research, this course offers the chance to investigate German history, history of emigration, integration, multicultural issues, and much more, culminating in a project to track down the desiny of emigrants originating from our harbour. 

To complement these studies, classes travel to focal points in and around Bremen such as a visit to the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven to learn more about the destiny of the emigrants in past centuries. A trip to Germany‘s vibrant capital Berlin will round off the cultural experience of life and culture in modern-day Germany. 

Facts and figures

Course date June 13th – July 08th, 2016
Registration deadlineMarch 31st, 2016
Target groupopen to students of all disciplines and those who have completed at least one year of college or the equivalent 
Course fee1960,- € 
includes accommodation, excursions, entrance fees, orientation

Additional info 
Total course hours: 105 
Language course: 60 hours 
History course: 45 hours 

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Fees for the course amount to 1960 €. 
Payment is possible by bank transfer or check.

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We will send you confirmation upon receipt of your registration. A processing fee of 90,- Euros will be retained upon cancellation of your registration. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within three weeks of the course start date.
The University of Bremen does not provide health insurance for participants of the summer course. 


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