Praktikumsplatz-Angebote in Griechenland

Praktikumplätze in Griechenland

Bereich: Marine Biologie
wo: Griechenland, Samos
Beginn/Dauer: nach Absprache / 3-12 Monate
Anbieter: Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation
Telefon: +30 22730-61191
Beschreibung: Marine Mammal Internships & Research Opportunities in the Aegean Sea

We are excited to announce internship opportunities in marine mammal research. Students, recent graduates and scientists can join Archipelagos' research and conservation efforts in Eastern Aegean.

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to researching and defending the rich biodiversity of the Greek seas and islands, as well as of the NE Mediterranean region overall. This region of rare biodiversity is in desperate need of protection as is being increasing threatened by harmful anthropogenic activities!

The Eastern Aegean region is home many rare and endangered species, including some of the most important remaining populations in the Mediterranean of several marine mammals.Research surveys can focus on:
- Dolphin populations, including: D. delphis (common dolphin), T. truncatus (bottlenose dolphin), S.coeruleoalba (striped dolphin) and G. griseus (Risso's dolphin);
- Whale populations, including: P. macrocephalus (sperm whale), Ziphius cavirostris (Cuvier's beaked whale) and occasional visitors B. physalus (fin whale);
- The Mediterranean monk seal (M. monachus), an important and critically endangered marine mammal specie found in the region.

- Efficient conservation of the marine mammal populations from anthropogenic threats
- Monitoring of habitat use, abundance and distribution
- Study of population structure and dynamics
- Study of behavioural ecology & communication
- Study of factors of impact (with a focus on interactions with fisheries).

- Boat-based surveys (weather dependent)
- Photo-identification and matching techniques
- Collecting environmental and anthropogenic data
- Gathering acoustic data
- Data entry and analysis
- Raising awareness
- Utilizing ArcGIS to map populations
- Questionaire-based surveys
- First aid of stranded animals (e.g., cetaceans, seals and sea turtles)

Archipelagos is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization, hence, there is no compensation for this internship positions. The internship's fee (650 euros/month), which covers accommodation in the base's guesthouse, food (3 meals/day), tuition, and other research related expenses throughout your participation (use of equipment, field trips, use of research vessel). Successful applicants will be responsible for their own transportation expenses to and from the research centre (Pythagorio, Samos, Greece). Internship start and end dates are flexible.

Extras: Participants have the option to obtain (at no further cost):
a) Sailing certificate
b) PADI Open Water scuba diving certification - seasonally available, excluding PADI fees
c) Greek language lessons

To apply:

- Send your application together with your CV, a cover letter, and a recommendation letter via email to:
- Please specify MARINE MAMMAL PLACEMENT 2015 into your subject title
There is no deadline to apply. However, approved applications are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. Positions are open until filled (maximum 16 vacancies).
Qualifikationen: Essential requirements:

- A minimum duration of 3 months
- Minimum of 18 years of age or older
- Willingness to work hard and have a genuine interest in marine research
- Background in Biology, Marine Biology, Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Geosciences, Oceanography or related field
- Must be able to spend many hours on the boat. Field days might exceed eight hours and occur at least two or three times a week (weather dependent)
- Basic computer proficiency in Microsoft Office programs
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Fluent in English
- Must be able to work efficiently individually and as part of a team
- Enthusiastic, responsible, diligent, detail oriented and flexible
- Prior field research experience preferred, but not required
Aufnahme am: 13.10.2015
Bereich: Seismologie
wo: Griechenland, Thessaloniki
Beginn/Dauer: nach Absprache / nach Absprache
Anbieter: Seismological Station of Thessaloniki
Ansprechpartner: Herr Prof. E. Papadimitriou
Beschreibung: Internship in Seismological Station of Thessaloniki.

Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student interested in performing your internship and getting seismological experience?
If so, consider applying for your Internship in the Seismological Center of Thessaloniki.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has an open position for internship at the Seismological Station located in Thessaloniki (Greece).
The duration of the training is flexible and depends upon the regulations of your University.
We seek an advanced undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate student with seismology, geophysics or data processing interests.


Seismological Station (SS-AUTH) belongs to the Department of Geophysics, a part of School of Geology in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
SS-AUTH operates a network of about 45 telemetric seismological stations, which covers a large part of Greece. The Central Seismological Station is located inside the University campus.
The primary target of the SS-AUTH is the continuous, on a 24-hours basis, monitoring, recording and analysis of the seismic activity in Greece and the surrounding areas, as well as the dissemination of fast and reliable information on earthquakes to the authorities and the public.

The trainee will learn about the seismic data processing the technology and maintenance of the seismic network and equipment, under the supervision of the academic and laboratory staff of the SS-AUTH.
Qualifikationen: The training program is designed for students(undergraduate or postgraduate) with a background in Earth Science who are interested in monitoring and maintenance of a seismological network, daily real-time seismic analysis, data processing, working on seismic catalogs etc.

To apply, you can send by e-mail a letter summarizing interests, a short CV, college transcripts, and an appropriate letter of recommendation. For more information, please contact prof. E. Papadimitriou (

Aufnahme am: 09.07.2015
Bereich: Übersetzung pharmazeutischer Texte
wo: Griechenland, Athen
Beginn/Dauer: keine Angabe / 6-12 Monate
Anbieter: Medwork
Ansprechpartner: Frau Ioanna Fyssa
Telefon: 0030 2109960971
Beschreibung: Our company: Medwork is a Contract Research Organization located in Athens, providing a wide range of specialized services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, including Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Development and Quality Assurance. Founded in 2005, Medwork has steadily evolved into a leading service provider in Greece, combining excellent knowledge of the pharmaceutical environment, a deep understanding of European pharmaceutical quality standards and proximity to the emerging markets of South-East Europe and the Middle-East.

Accommodation provided.


- Review of German medical and scientific literature in order to identify adverse drug reactions or other safety information related to medicinal products.

- Translation of medical texts from Germany to English.

Working hours: 30h/week
Qualifikationen: Fields of study: Health (others), Pharmacy, Dental studies, Nursing and caring, Medicine, Health (broad programmes), Life science (others), Biology and biochemistry

Languages: English and German
Aufnahme am: 26.09.2014
Bereich: Sozialwissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaften
wo: Griechenland, Thessaloniki
Beginn/Dauer: ab sofort / 7-8 Monate
Anbieter: University of Macedonia
Ansprechpartner: Frau Anna Kyriakidou
Telefon: 00302310891223
Beschreibung: Erasmus Office of the University of Macedonia (higher education institution offering BAs and MAs in Economic and Social Sciences and BA in Music) We are looking for one Erasmus placement grant holder to collect the curricula and the description of courses (in English) from our Partner Universities. He/she will assist the Academic Coordinators by researching on the internet to establish the correspondence of ECTS, among other duties.

Student must make own arrangements (ESN can offer assistance)

Health Insurance
Student must have private Health Insurance (accident, medical care etc.) and Insurance for Liability

Qualifikationen: Languages
Very good level of English (minimum B2/C1) written and spoken. Knowledge of other European languages is a plus (for example, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, etc) Knowledge of Greek will be highly appreciated.

Organized and reliable
Internship is unpaid
Free Greek language course and student canteen at reduced price available

Computer skills
Independent user of Office, Excel, Access, Internet, e-mail, PPT
Aufnahme am: 10.02.2012