Praktikumsplatz-Angebote in Kroatien

Bereich: Guide
wo: Kroatien, Pula
Beginn/Dauer: nach Absprache / 3 Monate
Anbieter: Aquarium Pula
Ansprechpartner: Herr Zarko Jakovic
Telefon: +385 52 381 402
Beschreibung: Aquarium Pula is the biggest private public aquarium in Croatia, with a 10 year history of constant growth and improvement. An important part of the Aquarium are the educational programmes, where high school students (mostly from Germany) have an opportunity to learn about marine life and oceanography of the Adriatic Sea through different workshops. These workshops include a biological part, where attendees are introduced to different groups of marine organisms typical for the Adriatic, and a chemical-physical part, where they learn basic things about chem.-phys. features of the sea. The programme also includes a guided tour of the aquarium and field work on the coast (tidal zone) with snorkeling.

Department / Function:

Description of activities:
Leading workshops, guided tours and field work on the coast. The applicant will be introduced to our practical work and receive all necesssary assistance in leading the workshops.

Working hours:
Up to 40

Qualifikationen: Oral and written language skills:
- English (level:intermediate )
- German (level: fluent, preferred native )

Computer skills: basic

Driver's license: Yes

Teachers of biology and chemistry preferred, with good communication skills and diving experience
Aufnahme am: 11.12.2014
Bereich: Englisch, Germanistik, Lehramt Germanistik / Anglistik
wo: Kroatien, Split
Beginn/Dauer: nach Absprache / 3-12 Monate
Anbieter: Pappagallo d.o.o.
Ansprechpartner: Frau Maša Reić Kriletić
Telefon: 00 385 21 344 717
Beschreibung: Pappagallo is a private educational facility for children and adults alike, mostly with students aged 4 to 14. We are a modern school with a unique approach to foreign language education and our students, basing our outstanding tradition on developing quality relationships with students and their families, our attendees returning year after year, sharing wonderful experiences, learning languages and exploring foreign cultures and countries. At the same time we are constantly evolving our teaching techniques and practices, keeping up with the latest in foreign language teaching and hosting internationally acknowledged exams. A number of foreign teachers have been and still are members of our staff. We also have an ongoing experience in mentoring students and interns.

Pappagallo is located in Split, a typical Mediterranean seaside town, vibrant, charming and fun. As the largest Dalmatian town, it offers its inhabitants and visitors loads to do. The famous sandy beach Bačvice, most popular amongst tourists and locals alike, is literally one minute walk from our school. For more info on Split we suggest: and

Department/Function: EFL, English studies, German studies, classroom assistant, teaching assistant

Description of activities:
Assisting experienced certified English/German teachers at different education levels, attending field trips, developing and executing own lesson plans, participating in and organizing extracurricular activities

Number of placements: 2
Working language: English
Working hours/Weekly working hours: Average of 30 hours a week, Monday to Saturday
Accommodation: Not provided, but we offer assistance in finding best suitable

Details of financial and in-kind support to be provided:
Public transport season ticket
Chance to attend foreign language courses for adults free of charge (4hrs/week; English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Croatian for foreigners)

There will be a designated mentor responsible for the trainee. We also offer assistance in cultural and social integration and a healthy work-life balance.
Qualifikationen: Languages and level of competence required: English or German native speaker
Field of study: Education, English and/or German teaching, English or German as a foreign language
Computer skills: Basic

Must enjoy working with young children, be patient, open, creative, enthusiastic and flexible

Applications (cover letter and Europass CV) should be sent to Maša Reić Kriletić via e-mail. A Skype interview will be scheduled with selected candidates following CV evaluation
Aufnahme am: 16.09.2014
Bereich: Germanistik, Kulturwissenschaften, Kommunikationswissenschaften, Marketing, Medienwissenschaften
wo: Kroatien, Split
Beginn/Dauer: 15.08.2014 / 2 Monate
Anbieter: Croatian - German society Split
Telefon: 00 385 21 347 581
Beschreibung: Croatian-German Society (HNJD) was established in 1997 as a non-profit organization. It has 6 subsidiaries in Croatia and Germany. The main objectives of HNJD are to promote the cooperation between Croatia and Germany, as well as to foster inter-cultural dialogue and socio-economic cooperation between Croatia and the EU, especially prior to Croatia's accession to the Union. After the accession in July 2013, with the purpose of strengthening cross-cultural links on a wider European and non-European level, HNJD established Europe without borders - Association for promotion of cooperation.
HNJD has over 500 active members, mostly under 35. It is governed by a Board of 12 members that includes professionals from both cultural and economic fields. For over 10 years HNJD has been running the biggest German language specialized school in Croatia with over 25 German language courses of different levels.
In 2011 HNJD initiated the forming of the Cluster for promotion of foreign language learning in Split-Dalmatia County together with other prominent schools of foreign languages in Split.


Department / Function
All interns will be working for the two following departments:

-Cluster for promotion of Foreign Language Learning
-Europe without borders – Association for promotion of cooperation

In these two departments interns will cover 3 types of functions:
1) Language Fair intern
2) German language assistant teacher
3) European cooperation project marketing intern
Even though all of the selected interns will be working on the first and the third activity, and only native German speakers on the second one, it is important for us to know which of these areas of activities would best suit your preferences, so please make sure to emphasize that in your motivation letter.
Description of activities

1)Promotion of European languages
-Organization of the Language Fair Split
-Development of language games for the fair (e.g. "Language Trails" in the old town of Split, "Speak Dating" etc.)
- Coordination of the logistics and activities of the European Day of Languages on 26.09.2014

2)German language intensive class
-Teaching German as a foreign language (preferably German native speaker)
-2 or 3 week intensive conversational course in September 2014
3)European cooperation projects (Europe Without Borders)

-Developing a network of EWB ambassadors and mentors across all 28 EU member states
-Market research for the project "Europe Rewired – more Europe through smart synergies" (developing a network of Europe’s most innovative scientists, artists and designers, i.e. EWB mentors)
-Brainstorming and developing marketing promotional tools and new media campaigns for Europe Rewired
-Communicating with potential EWB ambassadors and mentors across the EU
Interested interns have the possibility of becoming a long-term EWB ambassador and continue cooperating on EWB projects after the placement period.

We offer a very positive and friendly working environment. Self-initiatives and work related contribution will be specially appreciated and valued. We will also give interns independence in solving tasks and expect from them to give their own ideas to the problem solving.
We are looking for six highly motivated, energetic and communicative applicants who will assist us in the initial stages of development of Europe Without Borders cooperation projects, networks, databases and marketing tools, as well as local activities related to promotion of language learning. Academic background in humanities, social sciences or business (marketing) and a passion for modern languages and cross-cultural projects should provide a good match with our activities.
Interns will be provided with adequate working space with wi-fi connection. However, it is necessary that interns have their own laptop.

1. Gathering applications
After gathering all the applications, we will decide which applicants go to the second round
2. Case study solving
Second round applicants will need to solve a simple case study to show their knowledge on the relevant matter
3. Skype interview
The best 10 applicants will have a Skype interview as the final point of the decision making process
4. Confirmation of placement
Interns will be notified about the final selection results on July 20th
Qualifikationen: CV + Motivation letter explaining what specific activity/function you are most interested in, what are your skills, personal qualities and professional qualifications in relation to the proposed activities, and your expectations about the placement

Interns should have working proficiency level of English language, and be native speakers of German, French, English, Polish (i.e. any of the Slavic languages), Spanish OR Italian.

Excellent knowledge in MS Office programs and use of Internet

Interns should be able to execute and implement the job tasks effectively. Results will be measured according to KPIs
for specific tasks assigned to intern. Interns should have good Internet navigation skills and some knowledge of social media. They will be expected to cooperate with the rest of the team to successfully fulfil the given/chosen project. Through this work, it is expected for interns to achieve useful professional knowledge.
Aufnahme am: 25.06.2014
Bereich: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
wo: Kroatien, Zagreb
Beginn/Dauer: Sommer 2012 / 3 Monate
Anbieter: University College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management "Nikola Subic Zrinski"
Ansprechpartner: Frau Martina Levar
Telefon: 00385 1 3647 098
Beschreibung: University College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management "Nikola Subic Zrinski" is based in Zagreb, Croatia. It is a part of Education group Zrinski, which also consists of Economic School "Katarina Zrinski", Open University "Petar Zrinski" and Innovation and Development Centre "Zrinski" (IRCZ).
Basis of the IRCZ are research and development, and it rests upon three main activities:
- Planning, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects in support of all institutions and customers of Education Group "Zrinski"
- Support the implementation of business simulations in educational institutions and businesses
- Training and consulting in project management

Innovation and Development Centre "Zrinski" is looking for highly motivated student to work closely with an experienced team of professionals in the fields of education, entrepreneurship and project management. We are looking for one Erasmus placement grantholder whose activities will consist of:
- Assisting in project management activities
- Assisting with International duties including communication with business partners
- Assisting in dissemination and marketing activities
- Assist with the production of project briefs, reports and agreements
- Providing logistical support for all project training courses, seminars and workshops
- Administrative tasks
Qualifikationen: Languages and level of competence required:
English level:
Understanding: B2
Speaking: B2
Writing: B2

Computer skills and level of skills required:
User level
Interviews via Skype
Aufnahme am: 25.01.2012