Praktikumsplatz-Angebote in Slowenien

Bereich: Administration, Communication, International Office, International Students, Internationale Beziehungen
wo: Slowenien, Maribor
Beginn/Dauer: 1.04.2018 bis 30.09.2018 / 6 months
Anbieter: University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business - International Relations Office
Ansprechpartner: Frau Sanja Kocijan, MSc.
Email: or
Telefon: +386 2 22 90 252
Webseite: http://
Beschreibung: Main tasks:
- collaborating with foreign partners, universities
and institutions
- administrative and other tasks, considering
incoming and outgoing students
- activities in some international projects

What do we offer:
- all students benefits (food coupons, dormitory, library),
- work in a pleasant and international environment
- lively and young atmosphere in the city of Maribor
Qualifikationen: - CV with photo and Motivation Letter to one of the emails
mentioned below
- well proficient in English
- well proficient in computer programmes (Word, Excell,..)
- communicative and open minded person
- international experience
- field of study is not important
Aufnahme am: 15.12.2017
Bereich: Graphic Design
wo: Slowenien, Ljubljana
Beginn/Dauer: nach Absprache / nach Absprache
Anbieter: Triforce Ventures
Ansprechpartner: Herr Andrej Zupanec
Telefon: +386 41 602 062
Beschreibung: Eramsus+ Graphic Design Internship at Triforce Ventures

Ideal for master students that love to work on design and discuss concepts, ideas and their impact on daily life, in their 3rd, 4th semester or people working on their thesis. We are looking at 2-3 so we can work with them individually as well as a group.

About the Team and Position:
During your internship, you'll be a creative member of our design team, working side by side with our copywriters, marketing and product designers to execute event websites and
marketing materials, ranging from decks to branded swag. During the internship, student will have gain knowledge in design, coding, theater, film, branding and develop other soft skills not only by doing but also by listening to colleagues and guests (theater directors, movie directors, set designers, entrepreneurs ...) who stop by at the company.

Key Responsibilities:
- Create ideas, concepts and prototypes
- Illustrate guides, branding, pitch decks
- Assist the marketing team with various duties such as packing, organizing, and any other needs
- Be collaborative and be engaged

What you can expect from Triforce Ventures:
You'll learn and gain knowledge in: coding, design, theater, flm, branding, writing and develop many soft skills necessary for smooth student to pro transition. Guest speakers, super flexible duration (50/50 - offce/remote), trip to Venice Bienale, trip to Vienna.

Ljubljana is the trendiest Erasmus city of 2017!
Apply now at:
Qualifikationen: - You're currently pursuing and are enrolled in a master design program or similar
- Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
- If You have an online portfolio you can share with us this is a plus
- Experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript is a bonus, but not necessary
Aufnahme am: 17.07.2017
Bereich: Market Research
wo: Slowenien, Ljubiljana
Beginn/Dauer: ab sofort / nach Absprache
Anbieter: MESI development of medical devices
Ansprechpartner: Frau Lea Vozel
Telefon: 00386 1 620 34 87
Beschreibung: OUR COMPANY:

MESI is a medical technology developer and manufacturer. We are a market leader in Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) screening solutions for primary healthcare, being present in over 30 countries around the world.

We are a young company that started as a technological start-up around 5 years ago. Average employee age is just over 25. We are constantly expanding, which is why we are seeking talents all over the world.

We want to give your students with business ambitions a true career opportunity - to get in touch with "the real thing". We want to educate them and get them ready to kick off their career in medical technology. If they prove worth it.

Along with that, they will get to know Slovenia - one of the most friendly, safe and green countries of Europe, touching both the Alps and the Mediterranea.

You can find our presentation video here:

Find out more about the internship and our company here:
Aufnahme am: 29.04.2015
Bereich: Ingenieurswissenschaften
wo: Slowenien, Nazarje
Beginn/Dauer: keine Angabe / 12 Monate
Anbieter: BSH Hišni aparati, d.o.o.
Ansprechpartner: Herr Doris Delagić
Telefon: 00386 8370 566
Beschreibung: In 1993 the BSH Group became the owner of the Nazarje factory, which is now among the top three factories in this branch, and is a convincing leader in the Western European market. In the last decade the company BSH Hišni aparati has developed from a production operation into a modern centre for development and production of all small motorized household appliances for food preparation, as well as ther- mal appliances for preparation of beverages. In the last couple of Stran 2 od 4 years in BSH Hišni aparati more technologically demanding appliances for coffee preparation have been developed and produced. The products are represented in the worldwide market under the trademarks of Bosch, Siemens, Ufesa, and Profilo.

Development department / Engineering design:

Mechanical engineering activities in the field of development small home appliances. Mainly working with CAD software and actively working within designated project team responsible.
Qualifikationen: Englisch: B2/C1
Deutsch: A2

MS Office Word
MS Office Excel
MS Outlook

Driver's Licence
Aufnahme am: 25.06.2014
Bereich: alle
wo: Slowenien, Maribor
Beginn/Dauer: Oktober 2013 / 5 - 6 months (minimum)
Anbieter: University of Maribor
Ansprechpartner: Frau Sanja Kocijan
Telefon: 0038622290252
Beschreibung: Faculty of Economics and Business - International Office

Short description of main tasks:
- collaborating with the foreign partners universities, institutions
- administrative and other tasks considering on students outgoing and incoming mobility,
- activities in some international projects

Beginning of training: October 2013 - End of March 2014

Conditions of payment: Monthly award from Faculty of Economics and Business

What do we offer:
- all students benefits (food coupons, dormitory, library),
- work in pleasant international environment,
- unforgettable atmosphere of Maribor, European Capital of Youth 2013

Send CV with photo to e-mail:
Qualifikationen: - well proficient in English,
- well proficient in computers programe (Word, Excel,..),
- communicative and open minded person,
- field of study is not important
Aufnahme am: 10.04.2013