Examination regulations

Download our official examination regulations in German language. [PDF] (49 KB) Enclosed please find our English translation  [PDF] (131 KB) as well. The aim of this translation is to give information about the examination regulations. The only legally valid version of the regulations is the German version of December 19, 2011.

Some important regulations about the laboratory rotations and the master thesis according to our examination regulations:

During the meetings of the BMB examination board dated January 2012 and 12th July, 2012 the enclosed  clarification on some aspects [PDF] (45 KB), addendum to clarification on some aspects [PDF] (26 KB) and some further clarifications  [PDF] (19 KB)inlcuding a list of all examiners [PDF] (73 KB) of the MSc BMB course was agreed.

Laboratory  rotations:

  • Laboratory rotations have to be done under the supervision of a faculty member of the BMB program (all scientists who offer courses in the BMB curriculum are considered as faculty members). Exceptions from this rule are possible, but require the approval of the head of the examination board. In such a case, the external supervisor has to be appointed as temporary examiner for the module laboratory rotations.
  • At least one of the two lab rotations has to be done at the University of Bremen.
  • Two lab rotations of 9 weeks practical work each have to be performed.They have to be done in two independent laboratories.
  • There is no obligation to the students to work more than the 9 weeks (practical work) required for completion of the lab rotation.
  • After the end of the practical work, the report on the lab rotation performed has to be submitted to the supervisor within 4 weeks. After submission, the supervisor has to grade the student within additional 4 weeks.
  • If a student does not submit the report within 4 weeks after completion of the lab work , the student will be graded as F “Failed” for this lab rotation. The student has then to repeat this lab rotation either in the same lab or in another lab. In justified special cases (for example severe health problems of the student) the head of the examination board can allow exceptions from these rules.
  • The two lab rotations cannot be done in parallel. The report of the first lab rotation has to be submitted to the supervisor, before the student is allowed to start the second lab rotation.


Master thesis:

  • The master thesis accounts for 40% of the overall grade.
  • The master thesis has to be finished within 24 weeks (for example, 16 weeks practical lab work plus 8 weeks writing the thesis).
  • The master thesis has to be done in the group of a faculty member who is Professor or "Privatdozent" at the University of Bremen.
  • A master thesis that is performed in an external lab as part of a collaboration with a Professor or "Privatdozent" of the University of Bremen is not considered as external master thesis, if the Professor or "Privatdozent" of the University of Bremen acts as principal first supervisor of the master thesis.
  • Only in rare cases, a master thesis can be performed under the principal supervision of a scientist who is not Professor or "Privatdozent" at the University of Bremen (external master thesis)
  • The following rules apply for an external master thesis:
  1. The student has to apply to the examination board at least 3 months before the start of an external master thesis.
  2. The examination board decides on application for external master theses on a case by case base.
  3. The applicant has to explain in detail why he/she cannot do a master thesis in the group of a BMB faculty member and has to state very good reasons why the desired external master thesis was suggested. The application has to contain a detailed description of the project, information on the scientific merits and qualifications of the external supervisor (CV, Publication list etc., if required from the head of the examination board), and an acceptance letter for the student from the external supervisor. In addition, the written statement of a Professor or "Privatdozent" of the University of Bremen to act as internal second examiner is required.
  4. The external supervisor will be appointed as temporary examiner by the examination board and has to provide written confirmation that he/she will attend the thesis defense in Bremen and act as examiner without any financial reimbursement from the University of Bremen.
  5. The defense of the master thesis will always be held at the University of Bremen.
  6. Travel and other expenses related to the external master thesis will not be covered by the University of Bremen.