Number Date of defense Name of master student Title of master thesis
105 12th December, 2014 Judith Weber Screening of the tsetse fly midgut for sialidase activity- Application of a sialidase assay in the gut of tsetse flies
104 1st December, 2014 Christian Arend Chronic effects of anti-retroviral drugs on the glutathione and glucose metabolism of cultured brain astrocytes
103 16th October, 2014 Damilola Modupe Dawodu Metabolomics, transcriptomics and proteomics analysis of Alexandrium spp. in the presence of copepod cue
102 22nd September, 2014 Jonghyun Lee Specialized search pattern of Physarum polycephalum
101 14th July, 2014 Vedrana Andric Characterization of cytoplasmic lamin LIII in enucleated Xenopus oocytes
100 24th March, 2014 Kristina Klein Analysis of protein secretion by the type VI secretion system in Azoarcus sp. BH72
99 24th March, 2014 Fabian Robert Bogner Improving methods of chloroplast DNA isolation from higher plants
98 17th March, 2014 Sohail Keegan Pinto Microbial Metal Reduction- and Methanogenesis Potentials in the Helgoland Mud Area
97 12th March, 2014 Ajinkya Chandrakant Kulkarni Dynamics of Iron (III)-oxide reducing microorganisms in rice field soils
96 12th March, 2014 Wiebke Bünger Isolation and characterization of rice-associated bacteria
95 5th March, 2014 Mukta DhananjayChinchwadkar Analysis of nitrogen cycling in the Kavango region of Namibia for sustainable land use and management
94 5th February, 2014 Isha Girish Shirsikar Investigation of LAMP1 during Hepatitis A virus infection
93 15th January, 2014 Nimesha Suresh Sarma Tadepalle Influence of arsenite on the glycolytic flux and glutathione export of astrocyte-rich primary culture