Author: Meike Mossig
News no.: 2017071

The University Management Has a New Member: Professor Eva-Maria Feichtner, Vice-President Diversity and International

Vice-President Eva-Maria Feichtner

Since October 1, the President’s Office of the University of Bremen has a new member: Professor Eva-Maria Feichtner is now the Vice-President Diversity and International. Her predecessor, Professor Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, held the office for more than six years. She would now like to turn her attention to research topics in the field of education and science. Eva-Maria Feichtner is a mathematics professor, and since 2014 has been responsible for the area of inclusive studies at the University of Bremen. The Academic Senate (AS) elected her to the office of Vice-President during its meeting in May.

Creating an attitude to diversity

“My colleague, Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, has done an excellent job building up the management area for internationality and diversity. I will continue her good work, but also rearrange some priorities,” says Feichtner. It is important to create a framework in which diversity is perceived as enrichment. A certain field of tension lies between the abstract quality criteria of science and respect for the diversity of all university members. Although rules for dealing with diversity are helpful, the core issue is to create an attitude to diversity which makes regulations unnecessary in the long term. For example, Feichtner will work on making appointment procedures more diversity-sensitive.

Internationality on campus

The new Vice-President will continue to cultivate and expand the broad network of international co-operation agreements. She also perceives a need to make the international experience on the campus more tangible. In this context, she intends to advance the internationalization of curricula together with the Vice-President Academics and in close co-ordination with the Faculties. At the same time, the new Vice-President wants to work on the welcome culture for students and scholars from all over the world, in order to shape the profile of academic culture at the University of Bremen.

“I have a great successor,” says Yasemin Karakaşoğlu. “The office is in the best hands with Eva-Maria Feichtner!”

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