JulyWelcome to Dennis Neukirch. He started his Master thesis in our group dealing with capacitive deionization. 
JuneWe are happy to have Ismael Mena from University Madrid in our group. The next three months he is going to investigate the separation of ionic liquids via capacitive deionization.
JuneWelcome to Tanja Wannmacher. She started her Master thesis in our group dealing with the properties of Ce-based nanoparticles. 
MayWelcome to Elena Paustian. She started her Master thesis in our group dealing with the biodegradability of adsorbed molecules. 
AprilMorteza Salari started his research internship. Wecome!
MarchThe next months M. Sc. Asif Chowdhury is staying for an internship in our working group. Welcome!
MarchWe welcome our frequent guest, Prof. Jolanta Kumirska, form the Universtiy Gdansk. Great to have you in Bremen again!
MarchAngela Schramm starts her Master thesis in our group. She is going to investigate the ecotoxicological impact of selected fluorinated additives in textile formulations.

Gizem Alptekin defended successfully her Master thesis. Congratulations and all the best for the future!

January Marianna Lykaki continues her work in our group dealing with passive dosing techniques and will perpare her Master thesis in this field.
January We welcome Nicole Sofia Morgado Vieira from the University Lisbon! Supported by COST she is going to investigate for the next 3 months the biological effects of selected fluoro-surfactants.


NovemberThe ecology and chemistry master students Anna Evlanova  and Elena Paustian start their internships in our group. Their topics are "ecotoxicity of Si-based textile finishes" and "nanoparticle- biomolecule interactions", respectively.
OctoberThe chemistry master students Tanja Wannmacher and Sarah Schriefer are starting the research projects in our group. They are going to investigate nanoparticle- biomolecule interactions and quantifications of nanoparticel coating, respectively.
OctoberWe welcome Lois Morandeira Conde (Universidade de A Coruña) who stays the next three months for an intership with the title “Choline biodegradation and intermediates identification”.
September: We welcome Marianna Lykaki who will be doing her master project in our group! Marianna will be working on developing passive dosing technique as a way of attaining stable exposure concentration in ecotoxicity tests.
September: Angela Schramm finsihed her research internship in our wrking group. She determined the salt content of a large number of water samples from Zanzibar. Thanks for your support!
August: Marie Heinrich successfully defended her bachelor thesis “Untersuchung zur konzentrationsabhängigen Adsorption von Biomolekülen am Beispiel von Benzoesäure auf CuO, SiO2 und CeO2 Nanopartikeln“. Congratulations!
July: Our article “Preliminary Toxicity and Ecotoxicity Assessment of Methyltrioxorhenium and Derivatives” was one of the most downloaded articles in Green Chemistry in 2015. Open Access

We are glad to welcome our recent guest from Gdansk University supported by DAAD.

Prof. Jola Kumirska stays with us for two weeks finish ongoing paper projects.  At the same time the master students Daniel Wollecki and Jan Pospieck are developing new analytical methods for fluorinated ionic liquids.

June: Gizem Alptekin starts her master thesis in our group. She is going to investigate the adsorption of hydrogen carriers onto soils.

Our DBU project “Outdoortextiles – waterproof, breathable and green" got selected to be exhibited within the Die Woche der Umwelt” (“week of the environment”). This fair presents innovations in the field of environmental and takes place in the park of Bellevue Palace, the official residence of the President of Germany.

Please find here the press release.

April:Dr Joanna Maszkowska acquired with her project "Ionic liquids-based plant protection agents - biodegradation assessment" funding for new equipment within the M8 post-doc initiative PLUS. Congratulations, Joanna!
April:  We welcome two new team members! Gizem Alptekin is doing a research internship in our group and Suhayb Osman stays for his second apprenticeship year with us.
Febuary: We are happy to welcome once more Dr. Ewa Mulkiewicz from University of Gdansk. During the next 2 weeks she investigated the ecotoxicity of anti-cancer drugs.
January: Our DBU project “Outdoortextiles – waterproof, breathable and green" got selected to be exhibited within the Die Woche der Umwelt” (“week of the environment”). This fair presents innovations in the field of environmental and takes place in the park of Bellevue Palace, the official residence of the President of Germany.
January: Warm welcome to Kasia Mioduszewska from University of Gdansk. The next 3 weeks she is going to investigate the biodegradability of selected anti-cancer drugs.


November 16, 2015We are happy to greet Kinga Marunowska and Anna Duda, Master students from University of Gdansk who will stay with us for a four weeks internship.
November 9, 2015We welcome Hanna Meczkowska - a PhD student from University of Gdansk who will be working for two weeks on analytics of ionic liquids.
October 19, 2015We are pleased to welcome again Dr. Ewa Mulkiewicz from University of Gdansk. She will join us for the next three weeks and carry out investigations on the biological activity of anti-cancer drugs towards bacteria, algae and water fleas.
August 31, 2015We are saying "Goodbye" to Michal Kalinowski who has spent six months of his DBU-internship with us and is now moving to Leipzig.
August 25, 2015Warm welcome to the Gdansk team: Aleksandra Jakubus, Paulina Lukaszewicz, Aleksandra Ostachowska and, last but not least, Alan Puckowski who will stay with us for two weeks. We wish you productive and enjoyable stay!
June 28, 2015We also greet two other guests from University of Gdansk: Michal Tonski and Jerzy Wojslowski – for the first time at the UFT – will work on establishing analytical methods and quantifying bioaccumulation of ionic liquids in in vitro systems
June 21, 2015We are happy to - once again - welcome Prof. Jolanta Kumirska from the University of Gdansk! During her two weeks stay we will work together on developing new projects to maintain our long standing cooperation - this time in the field of nanoparticles.
April 15, 2015We welcome Dr. Joanna Maszkowska from University of Gdansk who will work on the topic: Liquid partitioning and protein binding of various ionic liquids – estimating the bioaccumulation potential of ions using in vitro methods (IL-BIOAC). This two years project is supported by the Excellence Initiative of University of Bremen within the M8 Post-Doc Initiative.
March 1, 2015Michal Kalinowski from Poland, a research fellow of Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), will work at the UFT for six months on environmental impact of pharmaceuticals. Welcome, Michal !
February 15, 2015We welcome Dr. Fatima Moscoso Diaz from Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica in Oeiras (Portugal) who will work with us on biodegradability and ecotoxicity of ionic liquids. The project is supported by COST actions (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). Nice to have you here, Fatima!
February 1, 2015We also welcome Sonja Faetsch, our new PhD student, joining the environmnetally friendly outdoor textiles task-force.
February 1, 2015Dr. Marianne Matzke returned to the UFT from Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK) and will work on the project: Outdoor textiles: waterproof, breathable and green, supported by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. Welcome back Marianne!
January 12, 2015We welcome M.Sc. Piotr Lewandowski from the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan, Poland. Supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), he is going to investigate the “Biodegradability of new bifunctional systemic acquired resistance inducing ionic liquids” for the next month. We wish you a successful time in Bremen, Piotr!


December 17, 2014Our team leader Dr. Stefan Stolte finished successfully his habilitation at the University of Gdansk. Congratulations, Stefan!
December 15, 2014We welcome Dr. Paulo Morais from University of Aveiro, Portugal. Supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), he is going to investigate the “Ecotoxicity of mixtures of Ionic Liquids and the effect of salinity” for the next two months. Nice to have you here, Paulo!
November 10, 2014
B.Sc. Marcin Stokowski from the University of  Gdansk joined us for the next three weeks. He will examine anti-cancer drugs on their ecotoxicological potential within his master study programme. Welcome, Marcin!
October 6, 2014We have got nice guests from  Gdansk University of Technology:  B.Sc. Martyna Kopta and B.Sc. Aleksandra Hapaniukie will perform ecotoxicological tests of ionic liquids as part of their master studies with financial support from the ERASMUS programme. Glad to have you here for the next three months!
June 1, 2014Warm welcome to B.Sc. Urszula Szczesnowicz from the University of Gdansk! Supported by an Erasmus exchange program, she will work on analysis of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carries for the next three months.
March 31, 2014We have to say "Goodbye" to two of our longstanding colleagues: Dr. Stephanie Steudte leaves us after defending successfully her PhD, and Dr. Cho finished his postdoc research in our group and leaves back to his homeland Korea. We sincerely wish them all the best – we are going to miss you!
February 17, 2014We are happy to welcome B.Sc. Katarzyna Wychodnik from the University of Gdansk. The next 3 months she is going to perform toxicity tests with polar and non-polar chemicals. Her stay is supported by the ERASMUS program. Warm Welcome, Kasia!
January 23, 2014
M.Sc. Alan Puckowski from the Universtiy of Gdansk visits us for the next 3 months. Supported by COST Action (CM1206) “EXIL - Exchange on Ionic Liquids” Alan is going to investigate the toxicity of dicationic ionic liquids. Welcome back, Alan!
January 16, 2014Stephanie Steudte successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis entitled: “Investigations on the stability and ecotoxicity of selected ionic liquid cations and anions”. Congratulations, Stephanie!.


December 3, 2013
Co-funded by the European Union, the Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH supports our project „Development of an efficient and non-corrosive disinfection and cleaning agent based on silver ions for the removal of germs in slaughtering facilities”. In cooperation with the Statex Produktions & Vertriebs GmbH (Bremen) we are going to investigate the applicability and environmental compatibility of the novel disinfection agent “FluidFide”.
September 30, 2013We would like to welcome M.Sc. Bartosz Debski from Technical University of Gdansk. He will do a three-months internship in our group with the aim to investigate the gas solubility and toxicity of selected ionic liquids.
September 2, 2013We are looking forward to welcome M.Sc Paulina Lukaszewicz and M.Sc. Katarzyna Mioduszewska (both University of Gdansk). They will investigate the aquatic toxicities of selected pharmaceuticals.
June 3, 2013We would like to welcome our ERASMUS student M.Sc. Marta Borecka (University of Gdansk). The next three months she is going to investigate the toxicity of selected pharmaceuticals in dependency of the salinity.
May 6, 2013The foundation "Stiftung der Universität Bremen" kindly supports our German-Polish environmental research. At present, analyses regarding the environmental influences of pharmaceuticals are one of the main topics of our research and of environmental research at all. The funds awarded by the foundation will be spent for lab materials for our visiting students. Many thanks for this support!
May 6, 2013We welcome MSc. Alan Puckowski from the University of Gdannk in our group! He stays for two weeks to learn the principles in ecotoxicity test.
March 27, 2013Prof. Dr. Stefan Stolte, team leader at the UFT and visiting professor at University of Gdansk, has been honoured by the “Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)” with the „Alexander von Humboldt Honorary Research Fellowship“. Awarded by the FNP every year, this prize is to honour excellent research and to support the extension of Polish-German scientific cooperations. This award - endowed with 25,000 € - enables the prize winner to gain further research experiences in the department of Prof. Piotr Stepnowski at University of Gdansk. Both groups are successfully and closely cooperating already for many years.
January 1, 2013We are pleased to welcome two new group members:
- Dr. Marta Markiewicz, our new postdoc fellow - well known from previous cooperation - will carry out investigations of the environmental impact of liquid hydrogen carriers.
- Yaqi Zhang, our new PhD student, will work on synthesis, characterization and ecotoxicological assessment of coated nanoparticles.


December 31, 2012We say "Goodbye" to Anna Bialk-Bielinska who will return to the University of Gdansk. Thank you, Ania, for the nice cooperation and joint time!
October 1, 2012New Tasks for our team leader: From today, Dr. Stefan Stolte is holding a position as a visiting professor at University of Gdansk, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Environmental Analytics. He will supervise Ph.D. students and offer lectures in environmental chemistry and ecology.
September 14, 2012We are glad to  welcome  again M.Sc. Marta Kolodziejska and M.Sc. Joanna Maszkowska from University of Gdansk. The next two weeks they will continue their (eco)toxicological experiments with selected pharmaceuticals.
September 1, 2012 M.Sc. Magda Caban from the University of Gdansk is visiting us four weeks, in order to investigate degradation pathways during the electrochemical oxidation of pharmaceuticals.
June 11, 2012 For the next two weeks, Dr. Jolanta Kumirska from University of Gdansk will be our guest and support us to write a common project proposal.
April 30, 2012 We are very said to say "good-bye" to Dr. Jürgen Arning who has worked with us for many years and will leave the UFT today. We very much regret to let him go, because he was a key member of the staff and most important member of our "StArning" group. Dear Jürgen, many thanks for the good times we had together and all the best for the future from your "StArnings"!
April 26, 2012 Happily we welcome three new Bachelor students: Julia Kolwek, Georg Thiele, and Steve Bemowsky. They will work on analytics, photo degradation and ecotoxicity assessment.
April 10, 2012 We kindly welcome M.Sc. Aleksandra Fabianska from the University in Gdansk. Aleksandra is visiting us for four months and will perform electrochemical degradation experiments with different manmade chemicals.
April 10, 2012 Today our new coworker Dr.  Anna Bialk-Bielinska starts working in our group. She will stay for eight months, and her PostDoc research is about mixture toxicity of pharmaceuticals. We are looking forward for the cooperation and welcome her warmly!
April 1, 2012 Welcome Carla Sernow! She is our new group member and will work on hazard assessment of catalysts, and she is testing the endocrine disruption potential of chemicals.
April 1, 2012 Today we are starting with a new research project „Photocatalytic degradation of environmentally harmful solvents from bio-butanol extraction”. This project is supported by the program „Angewandte Umweltforschung“ of the federal state Bremen.
March 26, 2012
We are happy to  welcome  again M.Sc. Marta Kolodziejska and M.Sc. Joanna Maszkowska from University of Gdansk. The next three weeks they will continue their (eco)toxicological experiments with selected pharmaceuticals.
January 16, 2012 We are happy to welcome Brezana Peric (M.Sc.) from the University of Barcelona. Brezana is going to perform ecotoxicity testing of protic ionic liquids during the next three months. We are looking forward to the cooperation!
January 1, 2012 The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) is financially supporting our project: Inherently safe rhenium catalysts for sustainable synthesis  (01.01.2012 - 31.12.2013). We would like to thank DBU for the trust in  our research!


September 5, 2011We are glad to welcome two new guests from University of Gdansk. The next four weeks M.Sc. Marta Kolodziejska and M.Sc. Joanna Maszkowska are going to do some (eco)toxicological experiments with selected pharmaceuticals.
August 16, 2011We are happy to welcome Marta Markiewicz, M.Sc., from the Technical University of Gdansk. She will do a three-month internship in our group with the aim to investigate the sorption behavior of ionic liquid anions on different soils.
May 19, 2011The Journal Current Organic Chemistry published a special issue - Hot Topic Ionic Liquids: Analytical and Environmental Issues, organized by the guest editors Piotr Stepnowski and Stefan Stolte.
March 15, 2011Jürgen Arning held a lecture entitled "In vitro methods for an ecotoxicological hazard assessment - A case study on the way towards inherently safer chemicals" at the "Umweltbundesamt" (UBA) in Berlin and also introduced the UFT-test-battery to the research group "Ökotoxikologische Prüfmethoden" (Eco-toxicological Test Methods). This group is organized by UBA and congregates national experts from science, industry and authorities (UBA, BfR), in order to comment and further develop OECD-guidelines as well as to advise UBA as German representative in international committees. Now we have been admitted by UBA to the circle of national experts for in vitro test systems and are allowed to also participate in discussions regarding further development of in vitro methods and their implementation in OECD-guidelines.
March 1, 2011We are pleased to welcome Magdalena Pawlik from University of Science and Technology (Krakow, Poland). She is doing a research semester funded by Deutsche Bundesstifung Umwelt (DBU) and will work on biodegradability of ionic liquids.


November 1, 2010 We are pleased that another previous colleague has returned to the UFT: Chul-Woong Cho has finished his work with Prof. Krossing at the University of Freiburg.
October 1, 2010 Good news: Having been absent for one year, he has now finished his participation in the Marie-Curie-Project and returned to the UFT. As of now he is the contact person of the group again. Welcome back, Stefan!
September 2010 Two students have successfully finished their bachelor thesis - Carla Sernow: "Endokrine Wirksamkeit ausgewählter ionischer Flüssigkeiten am Beispiel der Zelllinie MCF-7" - and Janina Ristau: "Interaktion von ionischen Flüssigkeiten mit MXR-Proteinen am Beispiel der Zellkultur HEP G2".
September 1, 2010
We are happy to welcome another new member within the team: Claudia Baune will attend the upper school profiles "Sustainable Chemistry" and "Sustainable Technology".
August 2010
Two graduands have submitted their thesis - Barbara Stoess: "Auswahl und Etablierung eines Screening-Testverfahrens für die Bestimmung des genotoxischen Potenzials von ionischen Flüssigkeiten" - and Florian Girnus: "Anaerobic biodegradability of ionic liquid anions under denitrifying conditions".
July 2010 We are happy that Marianne Matzke has been honoured with a prize of the GdCH section Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology for her paper "Ionic liquids in soils: effects of different anion species of imidazolium based ionic liquids on wheat (Triticum aestivum) as affected by different clay minerals and clay concentrations". The prize will be handed over at Umweltbundesamt in Dessau-Roßlau on September 7, 2010.
April 1, 2010
Welcome, Bui Thi Thu Ha! She is our new group member from Vietnam and will work on "Prospective and retrospective hazard assessment of chemicals using the case studies of liquid catalysts and Triclosan/Methyltriclosan".