IT-Management and Data Science

Course: 03-IMAA-ITMDS (03-MB-802.02) IT-Management and Data Science (WiSe 2022/23)

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, Hannah-Marie Büttner, Cristina Cociancig, Dr. Christina Gloerfeld

Description: In this course, students conduct their own research projects in small groups in one of the three research areas:

  • Digital Higher Education
  • Computational Social Science
  • Digital Ethics

Learning outcomes:

  • Basic knowledge: Students develop different perspectives on central aspects of data science, i.e. algorithms and application fields and develop different theories and approaches suitable especially for IT management with special focus on ethical, legal and social implications.
  • Methodological knowledge: Students study qualitative and quantitative empirical methods for the collection of data and evaluation of processes and use data science approaches for their optimization.
  • Transfer knowledge: Students become acquainted with different application contexts (education, business, administration, NGO, social sciences). They evaluate and question existing theories and independently develop new, innovative methods for the further development of existing approaches.

Students currently conducting research in the field of Computational Social Science as part of this course are:

  • Hannes Masuch
  • Jan Romann
  • Hauke Tietjen
  • Jannik Laucke
  • Till Rennspieß
  • Felix Schulte Herbrüggen
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