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Applied Analysis Seminar

Tuesdays, 14:00 - 16:00 via Zoom

15.06.2021Vincent Martinez (CUNY Hunter)TBA
01.06.2021André ErhardtTBA
18.05.2021Matt Holzer (GMU)TBA
04.05.2021Giovanni di FrattaTBA
27.04.2021Margaret BeckTBA
20.04.2021Jan HärterTBA
13.04.2021Di QiCreation of coherent zonal structures from selective decay and secondary instability
23.03.2021Florian NoethenQuantifying instabilities of chaotic background flow
02.03.2021Evdokiia Slepukhina (Uni Hohenheim)Noise-induced early afterdepolarizations in a cardiac action potential model
16.02.2021Rüdiger Brecht (Newfoundland)An energy conserving stochastic representation of the rotating shallow water equations with a structure preserving discretization
26.01.2021Anne PeinThe parabolic Anderson model with Pareto potential on critical Galton-Watson trees conditioned to survive
19.01.2021Dennis Ulbrich

Weak and strong interaction of excitation kinks in scalar parabolic equations

12.01.2021Ivan OvsyannikovBirth of discrete Lorenz attractors in homoclinic and heteroclinic cycles of type (2, 1) and (1, 2).
15.12.2020Bing-Ying LuIntegrable systems
21.09.2020Maria HöffmannRisk Analysis in Ship Maneuvering Under the Influence of Wind
09.07.2020Michael LameterCoherent structure generating automata
07.07.2020Dr. Romain Ducasse (Université Lyon 1)Spatial models for the propagation of epidemics
16.06.2020Greg FayeAsymptotic Stability of Critical Pulled Fronts using Pointwise Estimates
26.05.2020Jens RademacherAccumulation of eigenvalues for traveling waves and scale separation
19.05.2020Matthäus Mai (Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics e.V., Rostock)Gaussian variation principle – a method to treat a single equation with several unknowns
12.05.2020Nicola Vassena (TU Berlin)The Jacobian of metabolic networks
05.05.2020Dan Hill (University of Surrey)Magnetic Mountains - Investigating the existence of localised axisymmetric patterns on the surface of a ferrofluid
28.01.2020Jan Klüver
Paul Holst
Trotter product formula for forms
Relativ-beschränkte und relativ-kompakte Störungen selbstadjungierter Operatoren
21.01.2020Miriam Steinherr-ZazoAnalysis of some non-smooth bifurcations with applications to ship maneuvering
14.01.2020Bastian HilderModulating traveling fronts in pattern forming systems with a conserved quantity
07.01.2020Hendrik VogtSolving nonlinear non-autonomous equations
03.12.2019Jan MeichsnerFractional derivatives and integrals as application of different functional calculi
19.11.2019Antoine PauthierLong time behaviour of solutions of semi-linear parabolic equations on the real line
12.11.2019Jichen YangSpectral analysis and decay estimates for reaction-subdiffusion equations
05.11.2019Artur PruggerExplicit nonlinear waves of fluid models on extended domains and unbounded growth with backscatter
22.10.2019Dennis UlbrichStacked fronts in the theta-equation
10.09.2019Antoine PauthierAdvection-diffusion dynamics with nonlinear boudary flux as a model for crystal growth


03.07.2019Jichen YangSpectra, Stability and Energy Estimates for Reaction Sub-diffusion Systems
18.06.2019Moritz DollA Partial Data Problem in Linear Elasticity
04.06.2019Jost Viebrock (MSc student, Universität Bremen) 
07.05.2019Miriam Steinherr
Dennis Ulbrich
Artur Prugger
06.05.2019Jichen Yang
Lars Siemer
30.04.2019Mathias Temmen (MSc student, Universität Bremen)Analyse der Stabilität und Steuerung eines 3DOF-Schiffskörpers
16.04.2019Artur PruggerNonlinear waves in damped driven rotating shallow water equations
09.04.2019Jens Rademacher 
26.03.2019Jan Gienapp (MSc student, Universität Bremen)Herleitung und Eigenschaften von Strömungsgleichungen


05.02.2019Dr. Hannes Stuke (Free University Berlin)A dynamical systems approach to outlier robust machine learning
22.01.2019Michael Gruber (Leibniz Universität Hannover)Absolutely continuous spectrum for periodic magnetic fields
15.01.2019Lars SiemerInhomogeneous Domain Walls in Nanowires
08.01.2019Jichen YangThe role of advection for patterns near Turing instabilities in planar reaction-diffusion systems
18.12.2018Alexander Mielke (Weierstraß-Institut Berlin)Traveling fronts in two-scale homogenized reaction-diffusion systems
11.12.2018Ben Schweizer (Technische Universität Dortmund)Introduction to Homogenisation
04.12.2018Eugenia Saorín Gómez (ALTA, Universität Bremen)Some modern aspects of classical Convex Geometry
27.11.2018Dennis UlbrichDynamics and topological entropy of general 1D-Greenberg-Hastings cellular automata: non-wandering set and step-size analysis
13.11.2018Miriam Steinherr ZazoAnalysis of bifurcations in non-smooth dynamical systems with applications to ship maneuvering
05.11.2018Kathrin Flaßkamp (AG Optimierung und Optimale Steuerung, University of Bremen)
Luis Lüttgens (Masters student, University of Bremen)
Optimal Trajectory Planning with Motion Primitives for Autonomous Navigation of Ships
24.10.2018Eva Hackmann (ZARM, University of Bremen)Equilibrium configurations of fluids in General Relativity


05.07.2018Cris Raghib (Auckland, New Zealand) 
26.06.2018Cristian Kuehn 
19.06.2018Manita Chouksey (Hamburg) 
05.06.2018Miriam Steinherr Zazo
Lars Siemer
29.05.2018Hannes de Witt  (Oldenburg) 
22.05.2018Jichen Yang
Ivan Ovsyannikov
17.05.2018Christian Seis (Muenster) 
15.05.2018Friederike Pollmann (Hamburg) 
08.05.2018Alexandra Tzella (Birmingham) 
03.05.2018Camila Nobili (Hamburg) 
24.04.2018Eva Hackman 
23.04.2018Camila Nobili (Hamburg) 
17.04.2018Dennis Ulbrich 
10.04.2018Jens RademacherDynamics of fronts
22.02.2018Prof. Dr. Marc Avila (ZARM)Dynamical-system approach to the turbulence problem
15.02.2018Eric Siero (Oldenburg)Nonlocal grazing in patterned ecosystems
13.02.2018Paul Carter (Leiden)Slow absolute spectrum and accumulation of eigenvalues in the FitzHugh-Nagumo system
23.01.2018Andreas Prohl (Tübingen)Computational Ferromagnetism
10.01.2018Alan ChampneysUnfolding the Painlevé paradox in contact mechanics
19.12.2017Jörg Härterich (Bochum)Tutorenschulung, Helpdesk und Co. - Elemente zur Unterstützung des Lernens
12.12.2017Vassily GelfreichStokes phenomenon, complex matching and embedded solitons
06.12.2017Alexandr Gonchenko (Nizhny Novgorod)Strange pseudohyperbolic attractors in 3D Henon maps
05.12.2017Mikhail Malkin (Nizhny Novgorod)High dimensional perturbation of Lorenz maps
21.11.2017Dennis UlbrichThe Perron-Frobenius Theorem: a tool to compute topological entropy for a wide class of shifts of finite type
10.11.2017Patrick Dondl (Freiburg)Motion of interfaces in random media: pinning and some applications
07.11.2017Alexander Pogromsky (TU Eindhoven)Comprehending complexity: where Shannon meets Lyapunov
05.09.2017Sofia Castro (University of Porto)The dynamics of learning in game theory