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Competency Awareness: What am I capable of and how do I present it?

Veranstaltung 2019-32

Date: 15.07. and 16.07.2019, 9:00 - 17:00

Venue: SFG 1060

Trainer: Dr. Monika Clausen, Zurich

Throughout our lives - particularly during education and work - we acquire a multitude of different competencies. However, few of us are aware of the competencies we have developed. This unawareness might lead to a disadvantageous presentation of our specific strengths in critical situations like during application procedures. In this workshop we aim to change this.


  • Competencies in our working world: Expectations of different labor markets
  • Unique selling points: Identification of unique and individual strengths
  • Proofing competences: How to verify skills convincingly
  • Skill-driven questions in job interviews: Emphasizing your competences


  • Learn to categorize different kinds of competences
  • Learn to tune your application documents to the needs of the market
  • Learn how to identify and to proof your key competencies
  • Learn to answer skill-driven questions convincingly and strategically. This will enhance your performance during interviews


  • Theoretical inputs
  • Group, couple, and individual exercises, plenary discussions
  • Role plays



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Trainer: Dr. Monika Clausen

Dr. Monika Clausen, trainer and coach for industrial partners, university clients and individuals. She offers her own training curriculum covering a broad spectrum of career related topics, bringing in a rich and manifold professional background (head of shared services center, head hunter, postdoc fellow at ETH and University of Zurich, PhD plant science at the Salk Institute in San Diego).

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