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PhD Navigator - A course through the German Academic System

Veranstaltung 2019-52

Date: 27.11.2019, 13:30-17:00

Venue:GW2, B2860

Trainer: Dr. Christine Issa

Target Group: International PhD candidates

Doing a PhD in Germany brings a lot of challenges – the most important one is to understand the German Academic System and the course of a PhD in Germany. This training explains the hidden rules of the Academic System in Germany. It provides insight in formalities, rules, phases, time-lines, tasks and common pitfalls to draw a clearer picture of a PhD project and what is expected from a PhD candidate.
A reflective view about communication and relations to supervisors, colleagues and other co-workers will support a greater understanding of mutual expectations and how to get the support you need.

  • Path to a PhD-degree – phases and milestones, formal requirements
  • Traditions, Teaching and Learning cultures in the German academic system
  • Supervision and bilateral expectations in research

Learning Outcomes

  • Insight in traditions and hidden rules in German academia
  • Understanding requirements and formalities in a Phd
  • Knowledge about mutual expectations in research in German academia


  • Input, Knowledge Transfer
  • Group work
  • Coaching and Reflection


A maximum of 12 people can take part in the workshop.To book your place in this workshop, please register for the course number 2019-52 using this registration form.

Dr. Christine Issa

Trainer: Dr. Christine Issa

Dr. Christine Issa is advisor, trainer, coach (DGfC) and co-founder of SAMINWORLD in Düsseldorf; a company specialized in cross-cultural collaboration and environmental education. After her vocational education as a merchant, she studied Geography, Economy and Islamic Studies. She worked as a project controller for the mobile branch of Telekom Germany and for RKW Architecture and Urban Development. She accomplished her PhD in geographical development and conflict research and has a long-standing working experience in international project management. She works as an advisor for collaboration in higher education and development cooperation in Afghanistan. She conducts workshops, supports change management processes and is author of several publications in the field of geography.