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Raise your hand! How to follow your career with self-confidence

A workshop for female scientists

Veranstaltung 2020-08

This course is already fully booked. We're sorry, registration is no longer possible.

Date:  Thursday, 05.03.2020, 09:00-17:00 and Friday, 06.03.2020, 9:00-17:00

Venue: SFG 1060

Trainer: Antje Rach

Target Group: Female docs and postdocs

In almost all areas of life, traditional gender roles are dissolving. However, it is mostly men having leading positions – in industry as well as in academia. Only 25% of chief executives are women, often using male leadership styles. Women still have a hard time to break the glass ceiling. Moreover, after starting a family, many of them unintentionally fall back into the classical role patterns. So the question is: How can women have it all? How to attain a successful and sustainable career and a fulfilling life?

In the workshop we will get to the bottom of these questions. We will analyse key success factors of successful women and scrutinize ourselves: Which of these factors do I already possess and what resources, competence or useful patterns of thought and behaviour may be needed or missing? And how can I implement them into my everyday (working) life? What roles do I occupy currently and where do I see myself in the future? What are my values, and what goals and priorities do I set?  
Besides career planning the workshop focuses on strategies and exercises helping the participants to be effectively seen and heard: How do I appear and perform; compelling and confident? How do I make my mark and gain supporters? How do I pursue my way regardless of resistance and criticism?  
The workshop tackles the subject with a mix of theory, training and a large number of selfreflection exercises.  
This course is aimed at women who strive for a scientific career and want to follow their own way without adhering to traditional patterns.


1) Self-reflection and target setting
  • My values, resources and beliefs 
  • My roles: clarifying and setting boundaries
  • Personality and behaviour styles
  • Career planning: my goals and priorities
  • My behaviour and appearance: Male or female? Soft or assertive? How to build my authentic self.  
 2) Being seen and heard: How to expand my range of power.
  • Appearing and being confident and effective: using voice and body language to increase my presence 
  • Dealing with (gender) bias
  • Developing conducive thought and behaviour patterns
  • Leaving my comfort zone and establishing successful habits    
  • Networking, trust building & co: strategies to increase my effectiveness


This workshop is already fully booked. Registration is no longer possible.

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