Teaming Up. Peer coaching for doctoral researchers

Team up!

Writing a dissertation doesn't need to be a lonely enterprise! Sure, expectations from others and oneself are high and the pressures of reality do not make it any easier. Being a doctoral candidate often means having to navigate through a landscape of demands of one’s own field, of doctoral advisers, and of colleagues. A team will help you gain a better perspective so you can stick to your own compass. Meeting on a regular basis can give you the continuity, clarity, and support to make the decisions that your dissertation needs.

Doctoral candidates also have to engage in career-relevant networks, especially if they want to pursue a life outside academia. In this situation, the advice and encouragement of others who know exactly what kind of situation you are in can be a great motivation.

This is why peer groups are a great way to find support and advice, not only while preparing your dissertation, but also in planning your future career.

How to form a team

If you are 4 or more early-career researchers and would like to "team up", contact us at marie.sanderprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. BYRD will then provide you with a coach to help you form a team and to find the right methods for you to support each other successfully.

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Unser Coach: Dr. Gabriele Richter

Gabriele Richter leitet seit Jahren gemeinsam mit Dr. Ingrid Zondervan die kollegiale Beratung für Studierende an der Universität Bremen.

Gabriele Richter hat Theologie und Ethik an der Universität Hamburg, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Yale University (New Haven) und Columbia University (New York) studiert und an der Universität Rostock und Australian National University (Canberra) in Religionsgeschichte promoviert. Seit 2012 lehrt sie an der Universität Bremen am Institut für Religionswissenschaft und seit 2017 ist sie darüber hinaus ausgebildete Gestalttherapeutin und begleitet Einzelklient*innen und Gruppen in Veränderungsprozessen.

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