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Visual Abstracts – Create immediate understanding of your research

Veranstaltung 2019-44

New Date!: 5 December 2019, 9:00 - 17:00

New Venue!: SFG1060

Trainer: Irina Muschik, Biologist, Berlin

Do you want to bring your complex research findings into a single picture for others to understand?

That´s what visual abstracts are for!

This workshop provides you with the basics of graphic design and hands-on training on how to visualize the essence of your next academic publication. So, let´s be creative! Please bring your own laptop, a graphics software you feel comfortable with (can even be PowerPoint) and outcomes of your research work, that you would like to work with.


There is a maximum of 16 participants. To book your place in this workshop (course number 44), please fill out this registration form.

Please click here for answers to questions regarding course organisation.

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