High Performing Teams (Day 1 & 2 = 1 CP)

Veranstalter:in : Career Center
Ort : Online
Beginn : 27. Januar 2025, 08:00 Uhr
Ende : 28. Januar 2025, 16:00 Uhr
Kategorie : Career Center

part1 "How to become a high performer and work in a high performing team"
Our society as well as the daily business in most jobs are getting continuously more complex and demanding.

To navigate this on an individual level and manage your career successfully it becomes more and more relevant to self reflect, get to know the own strengths, abilities and weaknesses and develop strategies to increase your overall energy levels, act purposefully and in alignment with the most relevant goals as well as efficiency within your own working routines.

Beyond the individual level a high performing team becomes more than the sum of its pieces. This seminar will provide you with the necessary information and methods how to contribute to such a team and do your part in making your teams the most successful and high performing it can be.

part2 "Build and lead a high performing team"
This seminar gives you insights on what makes a high performing team stand out in comparison to other teams. You will gain an overview on state of the art strategies to build and maintain such teams as well as companies` strategies to build high performing cultures (like Google, SpaceX, Meta etc.).

Furthermore you will learn what is required to build and lead such teams yourself – e.g. in the context of your studies, hobbies or for your career.

Registrations for January 2025 run from 10 October to Thursday, 05 December 2024 via (Event Search / Search in Course Catalogue / Interdisciplinary Study Programmes / Career Center under: Ability to work in a team).
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Julia Heber - M. Sc. Produktionstechnik (industrielles Management) & Systemischer Business Coach -


Interdisciplinary for international students, graduates and doctoral candidates

Date & Location

Monday, 27 and Tuesday, 28 January 2025 from 08:00 - 16:00, Online.