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ComNets Seminar

Selected Topics in Sustainable Communication Networks

June 2021

Wednesday, June 9th


17:00 - 18:00



LDACS: Self-organizing air-to-air communication

Speaker: Sebastian Lindner (Research Fellow at TUHH)

The Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR) program is a joint undertaking to overhaul and modernize European air traffic management. During all phases of flight, modern digital data links shall realize the Future Communications Infrastructure (FCI). The air-to-air (A2A) component of the FCI is the L-band Digital Aeronautical Communications System (LDACS) A2A mode, which is currently in early stages of development.
In this talk, we would like to present the challenges such a mobile network must tackle and give an overview on the self-organizing medium access control (MAC) that is being researched. Also, an offshoot project towards a Machine Learning-based predictive MAC that realizes coexistence with legacy communication systems in the same frequency band will be discussed.