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Dirk Vaihinger

Dirk Vaihinger

Dirk Vaihinger, technical employee at thea Centre for Multimedia and Teaching (ZMML) since 2012

Dirk Vaihinger, seit 2012 technischer Angestellter im Zentrum für Multimedia und Lehre (ZMML)

"The university is a tanker that - sometimes quite surprisingly - is able to ignite the turbocharger."

Anyone who has happened to observe from the next table how the ZMML team ends the working week together on a summery Friday evening will know why Dirk Vaihinger goes into raptures when he talks about his job. In addition to the pleasant, cooperative atmosphere, what he appreciates most about his work is the creative freedom he has to work with very different target groups on a wide range of topics.

As a university employee, you always make an appointment with Dirk when it has something to do with films: This can involve the entire preparation, production as well as post-production. The films cover every genre, both in teaching, communication and entertainment. In addition, there are advisory activities, in cooperation with teachers and students, and the rethinking and conceptualisation of new teaching formats with colleagues from didactics.

Before he came to Bremen, he was a freelancer, lived in Munich and Berlin, and his work took him to Cape Town, Beirut and Paris, among other places. Now he feels he has arrived at the university and in the small city state of Bremen; for him, both mean "comfort and reliability" - associations that come to mind for his colleagues in relation to him as a person, as well as "ironic, open-minded, professional, humorous and incredibly good for hanging out with each other".