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Dr. Jutta Paal

Dr. Jutta Paal, International Office

Dr. Jutta Paal, International Office

Dr. Jutta Paal, International Office

"Planning and organising intercultural projects together with students from all over the world - it's like being on a journey all the time."

Dr. Jutta Paal has been coordinating the incoming section of the International Office since 2007, organising projects and programmes for international full-time students in particular. Together with her colleagues who look after the "outgoings", the exchange students and the international visiting scholars, she wants to make the University of Bremen an international campus and thus offer a service-oriented supplement to academic subject training. In the kompass programme, "Dr. Jutta" works together with a team of students and the international student communities from all over the world. In the context of this project work, many disciplines, political, religious and professional opinions come together: Her goal is to discover the different potentials and needs of the students, to support them and to develop and implement innovative projects from them, thus putting "empowerment" into practice.

In her free time, Jutta Paal prefers to cook classic international dishes, likes to be "ingredient-oriented", not "recipe-addicted" (a principle she likes to transfer to project work as well).

50 years ago, Jutta learned local geography at a primary school in a suburb of Kassel ("Where the Fulda and the Werra kiss...") and then, together with the neighbouring children, got lost in the "infinite vastness" of the world behind the stubble field.

The University of Bremen in 50 years? "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations ... symbolizing the elements that create truth and beauty." (Commander Spock, Star Trek)