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Karsten Lehmkuhl

Karsten Lemkuhl

Since 15.12.1998 in Department 5, Head of Department 5 since 01.04.2020

Karsten Lehmkuhl

"My vision? The University of Bremen as a barrier-free "learning world" for students with intelligent networking, state-of-the-art equipment, multimedia tables and mobile partitions!"

Everyone at the university who has anything to do with media, room administration or IT knows him: Karsten Lehmkuhl ("Lemmi"). Both a visit to his office (Lemmi's eyes light up when he shows off his new technical achievements) and a phone call (he answers with a promising "Leeeeemkuhl!" even at the highest level of stress) are highlights for his colleagues in the sometimes bureaucracy-ridden everyday administrative life: His motto: "There's no such thing as can't".
Karsten Lehmkuhl is responsible for everything that keeps the university running: media technology purchasing, technical support for courses, conferences and congresses, event planning, room management and the (further development of) administrative IT. Since April 2020, he has been acting head of Department 5 (Department for IT, Media Technology Infrastructure and Central Services).
What he appreciates about his job is the exciting work environment and the opportunity to contribute his own ideas, but also the interaction with many interesting staff members and - above all - the chance to create an optimal learning environment for the students: "Working with young people keeps me young myself."
50 years ago, little Karsten was still in kindergarten: "Life was simple and beautiful. His hope for the University of Bremen in 50 years? It will be colourful, heterogeneous, contentious and undoubtedly a top address in the German university landscape!