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Nele Kuhn

Nele Kuhn

Nele Kuhn, Divesity officer in the Administrative Department for Academic Affairs

Nele Kuhn

"In 50 years, the University of Bremen will be an inclusive, inspiring and innovative place for all. Diversity is an inseparable part of quality in research and teaching, they are mutually dependent."

Diversity at the University? This is a structural task of change that the University of Bremen is facing at various levels: in the university management, in the administration, as well as in the various faculties and not least in the context of the YUFE Alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe).

Nele Kuhn plans strategically, advises and accompanies processes on how to increase the diversity of university members at all levels and what it takes to create more equitable conditions. She looks at internal processes, routines, measures and offers that can have a negative or privileging effect on people with certain characteristics. Together with her colleagues, she develops approaches to make the existing conditions more equal.

Although Nele was not yet born 50 years ago, her parents moved to Bremen in 1971, the year the University was born. Many years later, after her first degree in Romance Studies, a Master's in "International Migration and Intercultural Relations" and a total of 14 years in Nice, Regensburg, Clermont-Ferrand, Brussels and Osnabrück, Nele returned to her hometown. Here, at the University of Bremen, she faces the challenges of diversity management in a university context: a task that requires a holistic perspective, critical thinking and courageous action. Nele Kuhn has sharpened her eye for the different realities of life and power relations in higher education.

Appreciation and mindfulness in everyday interactions, a love for fine details and a delight in the seemingly "invisible" have made Nele an enthusiastic "object hunter" on the Weser beach in Pusdorf as early as the age of five. Today, when she roams Woltmershausen with her children on a treasure hunt, she enjoys the children's surprising perspectives on the seemingly self-evident. An inspiring invitation to a change of perspective.