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Prof. Dr. Marko Rohlfs

Prof. Dr. Marko Rohlfs

Prof. Dr Marko Rohlfs, since 2016 Professor at Faculty 2, Population and Evolutionary Ecology

Prof. Dr. Marko Rohlfs, seit 2016 Professor im Fachbereich 2, Populations und Evolutionsökologie

"In 50 years' time, I see the University of Bremen as a European climate university that maintains a close dialogue with society."

In the "Population and Evolutionary Ecology" working group, which Prof. Dr. Marko Rohlfs heads together with Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmeister, he has been conducting research with students since 2016 on topics such as "Insect-fungus interactions" or "Population dynamics and dispersal mechanisms of invasive insect pests" - what sounds incomprehensible to laypeople at first, Rohlfs explains in simple words: "Ultimately, it's always about the protection of biodiversity".
For Marko Rohlfs, the fact that researchers and students at the University of Bremen work so successfully together in flat hierarchies with great colleagues and are able to develop a high level of innovation is closely related to the fact that researchers and students cooperate here at eye level. For the future, he would like to see universities enabling more social participation and transparently communicating the processuality, trial and error, of science. This would make science-based political decisions more comprehensible and generate greater acceptance in society: "Out of the compelling necessity of sustainable ecological action, we need a close dialogue with society."