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Sergej Dorogi

Sergej Dorogi, seit 2018 Leiter der Hausdruckerei

Head of the in-house printing office

Sergej Dorogi, seit 2018 Leiter der Hausdruckerei

"I see my work as an opportunity to support teaching and research."

In 50 years - according to Sergej Dorogi's dream - the university should be so well networked internally that it can optimally support students and researchers in their work. The shorter and more direct the paths, the more effective and efficient this can be - he is convinced of that. And all those who have the privilege of working with him or his team can confirm that he himself is already often putting this vision into practice.

For his colleagues, he is a boss at eye level who tirelessly finds creative ways to organise the print shop in a future-oriented and economical way. For the staff in administration and research, who approach the printing office with a wide variety of requests, sometimes under great deadline pressure, he is a contact person who always finds a way to make even the seemingly impossible possible.