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Ulrike Schumann-Stöckert

Ulrike Schumann-Stöckert, BAföG- und Sozialberaterin beim AStA

BAföG and social advisor at AStA as well as freelance trainer and coach for intercultural and non-verbal communication

Ulrike Schumann-Stöckert, BAföG- und Sozialberaterin beim AStA

“Every day is different, every question new - and so it never gets boring!”

After completing her studies in art therapy and education, Ulrike Schumann-Stöckert has been advising students for over 20 years (interrupted by her parental leave) in all matters concerning their social and BAföG concerns. - And these are many concerns that cannot always be dealt with according to a "pattern", but rather individual problems around the topics of student financing, rent, social concerns, examination entitlement, compensation for disadvantages and much more. As part of the General Studies programme at the University of Bremen, more than 1,000 students attended her intercultural training and her advanced training as a "student intercultural trainer", which Ms Schumann-Stöckert offers on a freelance basis in addition to her counselling work.

In her private life, she finds her balance in her love of nature and animals. Especially from her horses she learns a lot about perception, leadership qualities, presence and clarity. As a coach and trainer, she uses these "animal" competences in her innovative additional offer of "horse-supported communication and personality trainings" to open up often surprising insights into new possibilities of study or professional life for her participants.