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Wolfgang Geißler

Wolfgang Geißler Alumnus der Universität Bremen

Alumnus of the University of Bremen / Speaker at "Einfach Einsteigen" e.V.

Wolfgang Geißler Alumnus der Universität Bremen

"My vision is a change in transport for Bremen, Germany and the world!"

As an alumnus, Wolfgang Geißler fondly remembers his time as a student of political science. He had chosen the University of Bremen at the time because it was considered a "top address" for this subject - and he has never regretted this decision. When he thinks back to that time, he remembers "smart seminars" but also the good conversations he had with his fellow students while chilling on the boulevard. A seminar on music and society at the time of Woodstock from musicology left a very special impression on him: "A brilliantly varied seminar that worked so differently from my usual lectures and seminars.
In his current role as spokesperson for the association "Einfach Einsteigen" (Simply Get On Board), he and his fellow campaigners are working to ensure that local transport is massively expanded as part of a comprehensive transport turnaround and that it is placed on a new financial footing. To the question of whether his studies prepared him well for his current work, he answers with a resounding "yes", because understanding political processes and ideas of social justice plays a central role in his work.