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Drillship JOIDES Resolution
© Adam Kurtz

Unraveling 66 Million Years of Climate History from Ocean Sediments

An international team of researchers has analyzed data from deep-sea sediments in order to reconstruct Earth’s climate. The team was led by MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen – and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

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[Translate to English:] Korallenriff
© Lisa Röpke/ ZMT

Study: 94 Percent of Tropical Coral Reef Habitats at Risk

In a joint study, researchers from Jacobs University Bremen, the University of Bremen, and the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) have for the first time predicted the vulnerability of tropical coral reef habitats based on measurable environmental factors.

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Haupteingang des Mensa-Gebäudes auf dem Uni-Boulevard
© Studierendenwerk Bremen

The university Mensa cafeteria is reopening

From Monday, September 14, 2020, there will be 250 places available for students and staff between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. Payment is only possible with a Mensa card.

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Illustration mit hellen, bliztartigen geraden Linien auf dunklem Hintergrund
© Pixabay

September 9: Online Debate on New Perspectives in Cooperative Science

Does the archiving and provision of data lead to cooperative science and a growth in knowledge? Experts will discuss this topic during an online debate at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. The event host is the U Bremen Research Alliance.

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Hirn und handy
© peshkov / Adobe Stock

FunKI: Artificial Intelligence for the New Mobile Network

Research for the newest mobile network generation: The Department of Communications Engineering within the Faculty of Physics/Electrical Engineering is coordinating the BMBF collaborative project FunKI. The project focusses on the application of artificial intelligence in future 5G and 6G networks.

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Das Logo der Universität Bremen an der Fassade der Glashalle.
© Michael Ihle/Universität Bremen

Despite Corona: Economics and IT Students at Summer Camp

46 students from the University of Bremen and the Jacobs University are working for 12 regional companies as part of the PRAXIS Summer Camp held by the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics. The participants will present their results via Zoom on Friday, August 28, 2020.

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[Translate to English:] Schülerin mit Pizzakarton
© Karsten D. Wolf/ Patrick Jung

Digital Lessons: Students Develop Learning Concepts for Schools

Students from the University of Bremen have developed digital learning materials for 5th and 6th grade school pupils in Bremen as part of an online seminar. The basics of mathematics and writing have been realized in the form of interactive exercises on the itslearning platform.

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© Michael Ihle/Universität Bremen

University Library: 1st Prize in Best Practice Competition

The State and University Library Bremen has come first place in the Best-Practice Competition of the German Library Association and Association of German Librarians. The motto was The Self-Explanatory Library – Becoming Information-Competent in Passing by Using Services.

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Studierende im Seminarraum
© Michael Ihle/ Universität Bremen

First Master’s Degree for Work and Staff Councils in Germany

In January 2021, the advanced master’s degree program Work-Consultation-Organization. Forming Participative Processes (Arbeit-Beratung-Organisation. Prozesse partizipativ gestalten) will start at the University of Bremen. This part-time offer is unique in Germany and aimed at work representatives.

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Der Preisträger Markus Janczyk
© Markus Janczyk

Early Career Researcher Prize for Psychology Professor

The psychology professor Markus Janczyk has received this year’s science prize for early career researchers from the Wilhelm Wundt Society. The prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in foundation research within the field of psychology.

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Applications Are Open Now
© Matej Meza/ Universität Bremen

YUFE Will Start Online Courses

Studying abroad despite current travel restrictions? This is possible with the virtual courses of the YUFE Introduction Offer. Students can register for online seminars at one of the ten participating European universities.

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MOSAiC ice flow
© AWI/Markus Rex

Sea-Ice in the Arctic at a Historical Low

The extent of Arctic sea ice in July is the lowest ever recorded. This was discovered by researchers of the MOSAIC expedition of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI). The University of Bremen is also involved in the research project.

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Uni Logo an der Glashalle
© Universität Bremen

University of Bremen Offers Learning Islands

Students in need of a place to revise, can do so at the University of Bremen from Monday, July 20, 2020, onwards. They have the chance to book a working space for themselves or their revision group at varying locations on campus. Hygiene regulations must be adhered to.

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Group of woman with flowers and two men
© Matej Meza / Universität Bremen

Frauke Meyer Is to Become Director of Finance and Administration

For the first time, a woman is to become Director of Finance and Administration at the University of Bremen. In a meeting on July 15, 2020, the Academic Senate (AS) made the decision. The AS agrees with the President’s nomination for Frauke Meyer to succeed Dr. Martin Mehrtens.

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Smartphone steuert Küchengeräte
© Nico_El_Nino_Adobe_Stock

Protection Against Safety Loopholes in Smart Home Systems To Become Easier

A team led by the University of Bremen is developing new solutions to close the safety loopholes in smart home systems. The project is to create new ways for the usage of digital technologies to harmonize with the demand for data protection and privacy.

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Gletscher in Alaska
© Andrew Bliss

International Study: How Can Glacial Melting Be Better Predicted?

The world’s glaciers are melting, and the temperatures are rising more quickly in the Arctic and the globe’s high mountain regions where they are located. In order to predict the further melting of the glaciers, an international study led by the University of Bremen has compared various models.

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Schülerin sitzt vor Laptop und hört ihrem Lehrer zu
© insta_photos/Adobe Stock

Teacher Education: PORTAL Prize for Creative and Innovative Solutions

Students with a teaching orientation and PhD students can be nominated for the PORTAL Prize until October 15, 2020: The Center for Teacher Education and Education Research wants to honor exemplary dedication during the corona pandemic with the distinction. The prize money amounts to 6,000 euros.

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CarbonSat Concept from University of Bremen Realized by OHB

The new Copernicus CO2 monitoring satellites (CO2M) are based on the CarbonSat Concept from the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen. The European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen the Bremen space travel company OHB for the construction of new CO2M-greenhouse gas satellites.

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BIld mit Hand und Handy
© ipopba -

Research for Secure Electronics

The German government is promoting the development of high-tech, key technologies so that more electronic components can be produced in Germany. The Computer Architecture working group is part of one of the first funding projects and is taking on the function of the TÜV, so to speak.

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Drawing of a car at a blind intersection
© Continental

How Does AI Drive a Car Through Chaotic City Centers?

Together with two other universities and the technology company Continental, the University of Bremen is carrying out research on automated vehicles. The PRORETA project deals with the recognition of complex traffic situations in city centers.

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