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16th BRIDGE StartUp Lounge: Cohesion

“Cohesion” is the motto of the 16th BRIDGE StartUp Lounge, which will take place for the first time in the Digital Hub Industry on December 7. BRIDGE is the central contact point for students and members of Bremen higher education institutions (HEIs) on the subject of business start-ups.

Zwei Wissenschaftler im Labor

Climate archives under the magnifying glass

Climate archives provide insights into past climate changes, the processes that propelled our planet from one climate state to the next. For humans and ecosystems, variability over periods of weeks to years – the weather – is often critical.

Nurse sitting on a hospital bed next to an older woman helping hands.

Long-Term Care Report: Nursing Homes Most Affected by COVID-19

People in need of care and staff in nursing homes were hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic. This is the conclusion of this year’s Long-Term Care Report, drawn up by a team of authors at SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy, commissioned by BARMER health insurance.

Mann macht Experiment

Exploding Chocolate Marshmallow, Unusual Light Bulb, Burning Iron

The team of environmental physicists Dr. Matthias Buschmann and Prof. Justus Notholt and chemist Dr. Stephan Leupold are once again offering a digital Advent calendar in the natural sciences in 2022. An experiment on the university’s YouTube channel will be available every day from Dec. 1 to 24.

The Kongsfjord: an inlet on the west coast of Spitsbergen.

Threatened fjord ecosystems: Arctic researchers discuss research results in Bremen

The project FACE-IT examines Arctic fjord systems in the light of the effects of the ongoing ice loss in glaciers. From 28.11. to 02.12., all scientists involved in FACE-IT will meet in Bremen to discuss the research results up to now and to discuss the future of the project.

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When the flight system evaluates the rotors on the high seas

The Bremen Institute for Measurement Technology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) at the university is working with partners on an automated flight system that will significantly increase the yield of wind turbines. The project is to be funded by the federal government with 1.8 million euros.


Autonomous Driving: Important Advances Thanks to Cognitive Neuroinformatics

As part of a project with automotive supplier Continental, the Cognitive Neuroinformatics working group has contributed important research findings to the development of advanced driver assistance systems. Artificial intelligence makes it easier to identify complex traffic situations.

Veronika Eyring

World Climate Conference: Professor of the University of Bremen Gives Highly Acclaimed Speech

The 27th UN Climate Change Conference is taking place in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, until November 18. Veronika Eyring, Professor at the University of Bremen, urged world leaders to take action at the opening ceremony of the COP27 summit. Recent climate change is unprecedented.

Altes Foto

New Scenic Reading on Bremen’s Post-War History

Bremen’s immediate postwar history is the theme of the scenic reading “Bremen Ahead! From the ‘Bremen Enclave’ to an Independent State (1945–1947).” As part of the series “From the Files to the Stage,” the reading will premiere on November 21 at 7 p.m. in the Bremen Parliament House banquet room.


Kickoff of the Large-Scale hyBit Hydrogen Research Project

“Hydrogen for Bremen’s industrial transformation” – or hyBit for short – is the name of the important large-scale hydrogen research project coordinated by the University of Bremen. The project will now kick off on November 15–17, 2022. The Bremen steelworks will also be visited.

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Topping-out ceremony at the University’s Center for Deep-Sea Research

About a year after construction work began, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated at the Center for Deep-Sea Research (ZfT). Situated next to the MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, construction is nearing completion, with technical installation and facade work currently underway.


Macht Sinn!: Exhibition Opening November 10 in the Wallsaal

On November 10, 2022, it will finally be time: the University of Bremen Foundation will be presenting its exhibition “MACHT SINN! Stiften für die Wissenschaft” in the Wallsaal of the Bremen public library. It summarizes the campaign MACHT SINN!, with which the Foundation participated in the universi

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Dr. Hans Riegel Specialist Prizes for Excellent Student Research

On November 2, 2022, the University of Bremen and the Dr. Hans Riegel-Stiftung honored students from the region for their particularly good prescientific work. The Dr. Hans Riegel specialist prizes are endowed with a total of 6,800 euros.

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AvH Research Award for Excellence Chair Maria Kanakidou

Professor Maria Kanakidou – one of the Excellence Chairs at the University of Bremen – was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award, with a prize of € 60,000, at the prizewinners’ symposium in Bamberg. She works at the University of Bremen together with her host Professor Mihalis Vrekoussis

Dr. Johanna Menges (MARUM, Bremen) sampling a peat core in the Cuvette Congolaise during the 2022 expedition.

Peatlands as climate tipping points

When peat swamps dry out they can release large amounts of greenhouse gases. Because they react so sensitively to climate changes, they are important tipping points. A study published in Nature investigates how sensitively the carbon stored in peat reacts to environmental changes.

Flags on the campus of the university

Conferences at the University of Bremen in November

Two conferences in November 2022 will focus on design and development of digital entertainment, human-computer interaction, and game design and laser technology. The third conference will deal with 3D printing and issues regarding measurement technology.

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New Professor of Digital Administration

Professor of Information Systems Niehaves assumes the endowed professorship “Digital Transformation of Public Services” at the University of Bremen, financed by the Bremen Finance Department and the IT service provider Dataport. It is located in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Jo Ana Schunter and Julija Storz from Tuuli

CAMPUSiDEEN 2022 Projects Receive Awards

The CAMPUSiDEEN competition has once again been recognizing the best ideas from Bremen’s higher education institutions. A jury representing the worlds of business, start-ups, and universities announced three winners each in the “Business Ideas” and “Business Concepts” categories.


Improved AI Methods to Detect Programming Errors

On behalf of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), researchers from the University of Bremen and employees of the Bremen-based company team neusta investigated the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in code analysis. The study is available free of charge from the BSI.


New and Appealing: Astrophysics and Space Travel Degree

The University of Bremen has launched a new Master in Astrophysics and Space Sciences degree course together with three other European institutions. Roughly 25 young people will specialize in the fields of astrophysics and space travel. Bremen offers ideal conditions for this.


05. Dec
06. Dec
Heldenlos: Lunchtime Session with Indie, Pop & Rock
06. Dec
“Beyond law and politics: ‘Russian socialism’ doesn't abandon its own”
Rotunde (hybrid)
06. Dec
Burning Down the House? Überlegungen zu einer dekolonialen Osteuropaforschung
Via Zoom. http://unihb.eu/Kolloquium
07. Dec
Building a Heavenly City. The future of human ethics, religion and philosophy in human space exploration.
Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar - online
07. Dec
Film "Blindfold". Filmvorführung im Kino „City 46“.
Kino „City 46“
08. Dec
Prof. Dr. Thomas Lohse (HU Berlin) : Gammastrahlungs-Astronomie mit H.E.S.S.: Erforschung kosmischer Katastrophen
Hörsaal H3, Geb. NW1, Otto-Hahn-Allee
08. Dec
Online-Vortrag Salon Tier: Hörner/Antlfinger "A Dollhouse for Dinosaurs. Einbrüche ins Wohnen"
via Zoom
08. Dec
The rising politics of sea level: Coastal measurement, meaning, and materiality
GW2 B3009, Universitäts-Boulevard 13, 28359 Bremen
08. Dec
Weihnachtsfeier des Arbeitskreises
MARUM I Raum 0180
08. Dec
Aus den Akten auf die Bühne - Chile - Auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Demokratie?
Theater am Leibnizplatz
12. Dec
12. Dec
Aus den Akten auf die Bühne: Bremen voran! Von der "Bremen Enclave" zum selbständigen Land (1945–47)
Haus der Bürgerschaft
13. Dec
Quintetto Giocoso: Konversation in Vielfalt
13. Dec
Guido Becke: Einfacharbeit als komplexe Tätigkeitsstruktur in sozialen Dienstleistungen am Beispiel der Hauswirtschaft
13. Dec
“Malmö's Tears, Ulsan's Hope. Affective infrastructures and their resonances in global shipbuilding”
13. Dec
Soviet Legacy in Ukraine: Strong Regionalism and Weak Presidency Gefördert von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde e.V
IW3 0390
14. Dec
Aus den Akten auf die Bühne: Bremen voran! Von der "Bremen Enclave" zum selbständigen Land (1945–47)
Haus der Bürgerschaft
14. Dec
Mitten in Europa – die Rückkehr der Sowjetunion 100 Jahre nach ihrer Gründung? Lesung und Diskussion
15. Dec
Data Snacks | "Give Your Data Context – On Documentation and Data Quality"
Zoom und MZH
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Zwei Studierende sitzen in der GW2-Cafeteria und unterhalten sich

Studying at the University of Bremen

Whether it be the compact campus, the diverse study programs on offer, or the green cycling city – a degree at the University of Bremen has a lot to offer.

You can choose from a broad range of degree program at the University of Bremen:

  • more than 100 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs
  • the state examination in law
  • international degree courses and further training offers


The University of Bremen is one of Germany’s medium-sized universities. In its mission statement, the university prioritizes:

Academic Consultation

Visit the following points of contact for information on studying:

Applying to Study

We provide comprehensive and detailed information on applications and enrollment for the following areas:

All about research

University of Bremen Illustration

Corona as a Research Topic

The pandemic is a challenge for us all. For science it means interesting research. Since 2020, the pandemic has had a hold on many aspects of our lives. The virus has also led to the normal teaching and research operations at the university no longer being possible. At the same time, scientists from various fields have carried out research on corona and its effects.

Reagenzgläser mit verschiedenfarbigen Flüssigkeiten.

High level of third-party funding

A great strength of the University of Bremen is its considerable success in the acquisition of third-party funds, both in individual as well as in collaborative research. The German Research Foundation (DFG) is the largest provider of third-party finance: Besides the MARUM Cluster of Excellence, the University of Bremen is currently involved in no less than seven Collaborative Research Centers, as well as a number of research groups and priority programs.

Zwei Personen bei der gemeinsamen Arbeit im Labor.

Strategic promotion of talent

The targeted promotion of young talent, unlocking potential, and early independence are among the guiding principles of the University of Bremen. We offer intensive support to young academics in six DFG research training groups, numerous junior research groups and also through doctoral programs offered in cooperation with non-university research institutions.

Zwei Lehrende arbeiten vor Zuhörern an einem Flipchart.

Lifelong learning

The University of Bremen is a place of lifelong learning. With our offers of continuing education we enable you to acquire knowledge of cutting-edge research. Discover the wide range of our offers and benefit from the unique combination of practice-oriented learning and innovation.

Facets of the University of Bremen


The diversity of our students and staff is both a framework as well as a prerequisite for high quality in research and teaching. As a cross-sectional priority and central profiling feature, we take account of diversity in our teaching and learning formats, in the structure of degree programs, and in the content of research and teaching. Moreover, diversity orientation and equal opportunity also guide us in the composition of teams and the design of counseling.   


Internationality is a strategic profiling objective of the University of Bremen. In keeping with our self-image as an international university, we see internationalization as a process that extends into all areas of the university – whether research, studies or administration. People from more than 100 nations enrich campus life. We are networked worldwide. In close cooperation with our partners, we work on the advancement of knowledge and finding solutions to global challenges.


The University of Bremen has been committed to sustainable development for years. Numerous projects and measures exist in the areas of research, teaching, operations, governance, and transfer, supporting the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. Among them are the outstanding EMAS environmental management program, the university’s promotion of social sustainability as well as several research institutions with a focus on sustainability

Campus Stories

Silke Heinrich

The Apprenticeship Coordinator

The University of Bremen is not only a place for students and young researchers, but also trains about 80 young people in various professions every year. Silke Heinrich from the University of Bremen coordinates this area. She establishes contact with schools and educational institutions and promotes vocational training at the university to young people.

Joachim Orlok

The Planner

"The Lord of the Buildings" – that's what the Bremen regional magazine “buten un binnen” once called Hans-Joachim Orlok in a report. After all, when it comes to buildings and areas used by the university, he is the one to call. He has a history with the university that began with his studies in 1978.

Anke Grupe-Markschat

The Cafeteria Manager

Anke Grupe-Markschat is the head of university catering at the Student Services Organization. The manager is responsible for a total of nine cafeteria locations in Bremen and ensures that the university members enjoy their food. That involves planning but also a lot of creativity – even in a pandemic, it's a matter of doing what's possible.

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