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"Identifying and Intensifying Cooperation Potential"

Intensive cooperation between the University of Bremen and Airbus Bremen has existed for years. A networking meeting has now been held to take stock and plan new ventures.


“Diversity at German Universities”: University of Bremen Receives German Rectors' Conference Funding

The University of Bremen will receive 50,000 euro from the German Rectors' Conference. This will strengthen the further development of diversity concepts via the "Diversity at German Universities" initiative, which the HRK launched with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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Improving the Chances of Healing through Medical Measurement Technology

Professor Andreas Fischer from the Faculty of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen is receiving funding for his latest project as part of the Volkswagen Foundation's Momentum Initiative. This will provide almost 800,000 euro over a period of four years.

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Education and Digitization: Maren Petersen Appointed to Federal Government Committee

The Vice President for Teaching and Studies at the University of Bremen, Prof. Maren Petersen, will advise the German government on the topic of education in the digital transformation. She has been appointed as a member of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's "Digital Summit" platform.

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Artificial Intelligence, Bots, and More: Automation of Communication and Media

The annual conference of the German Communication Association will take place at the University of Bremen this year. At the invitation of the ZeMKI, more than 300 experts will discuss the transformation of digital communication from May 18 to 20, 2023.

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CHE University Ranking: University of Bremen at the Forefront in Supporting Students’ Degree Start

In the current university ranking by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), the University of Bremen once again ranks top in the majority of the assessed subject fields when it comes to supporting students at the start of their degrees. But there are also top rankings in other categories.

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Register Now: Summer Academy for Young People

The University of Bremen is once again inviting high-achieving high school students to the Summer Academy from June 26 to 30, 2023. Registration is open now and participation is free of charge.

Rediscovered in the SuUB: One of the Oldest Chronicles of Lehe

The original manuscript of a part of today's Bremerhaven has been rediscovered in the State and University Library Bremen (SuUB): It is the so-called “Lehe Chronicle” from the 16th century.

Gerhard Roth

Mourning for Brain Researcher Gerhard Roth

The University of Bremen is mourning the death of Gerhard Roth. The well-known brain researcher passed away on April 25, at the age of 80. Roth was one of the most renowned researchers in his field, was well known far beyond the borders of Bremen, and was a sought-after speaker.

Climate rally

MARUM Project Develops Climate Education with and for Schools

In the MARUM school project “Climate – I’m changing!” students develop and test climate-protection measures for everyday life. After three years, the pilot phase of the project, which was initiated by MARUM at the University of Bremen, is now coming to an end.

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May 10: Information Day for Prospective Students

Prospective students are once again invited to find out everything they need to know about studying at the University of Bremen on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. The bachelor's degree programs and the Law degree program will introduce themselves at the event.

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CAMPUS AWARD Goes to Biologist and Production Technician

The 2023 CAMPUS AWARD: Research for a Sustainable Future winners are biologist Dr. Esther Thomsen from the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) and master's graduate Alex Peer Intemann. The award, endowed with 3,000 euro, was presented at the University of Bremen on April 27.

Studierende während der Proben

No Exit: Theater InCognito plays Sartre

Theater InCognito at the University of Bremen invites you to the premiere of the play "No Exit" by Jean-Paul Sartre at 8 p.m. on May 5, 2023, at the campus theater. No Exit, which is about dependence on the judgment of others, is still relevant today.

scene from the play

Revival of the Play „Die Sünde des Andersartigen zu riskieren“ at the “Kulturambulanz”

What is “crazy”? This question is at the center of a play based on the story of Hedwig D. The History Department and the Center for Performance Studies/Theater of Assemblage have developed a play based on her story. Thanks to the popularity of the show, it will be performed again in April.

Bernd Scholz-Reiter

Former University President Is Interim President of the German Rectors' Conference

The former President of the University of Bremen and Vice President for International Affairs of the German Rectors' Conference, Professor Dr.-Ing. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, took over the presidency of the German Rectors' Conference HRK on an interim basis in April.

Das Bild zeigt eine Frau, die mit einem Scanner ein Dokument der Bremischen Bürgerschaft einscannt.

Bremen Parliament Speeches and Minutes Digitized: 210 Volumes Freely Accessible

In cooperation with the Bremen Parliament and the Bremen State Archive, the State and University Library Bremen (SuUB) is digitizing the historical parliamentary printed matter from 1823 to 1999. 210 volumes are now freely accessible as part of the SuUB's digital collections.

Ausstellungswände der Ausstellung "Macht Sinn!" zu den Themen Digitalisierung, Gesundheit und Medizin sowie Diversität und Integration.

"MACHT SINN!" Exhibition on Science Foundations at the University of Bremen

Making the remarkable civil commitment of Bremen citizens to science and education visible and honoring it - that is the goal of the University of Bremen Foundation with its “MACHT SINN!” exhibition. It will be on display on the university campus from April 13, 2023, onwards.

Schülerin im Labor

Teaching the Teachers at School-Student Laboratories

The Institute for Information Management Bremen at the University of Bremen is launching an interdisciplinary collaborative project called "LFB-Labs-digital" together with seven universities. It is expanding school-student laboratories on STEM subjects into places for advanced teacher training.


DFG Establishes Priority Programme

The University of Bremen has once again been included in the selection of new Priority Programmes by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The faculty of Production Engineering is one of the six new programs selected from a total of 33 initiatives submitted.

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ProMentes: Students in Graduating Phase and Dedicated Executives Required

The career-oriented mentoring program of the University of Bremen ProMentes will start again in September. For ten months, committed executives from business, culture, and administration will advise and mentor students and graduates who are about to enter professional life.


30. May
Von Ballade bis Groove IV – Best of & Neues
30. May
Vortrag: Pornografie zwischen Authentizitätseffekten und dokumentarischen Zuschreibungen (Dr. Leonie Zilch, Mainz)
Kukoon, Buntentorsteinweg 29, 28201 Bremen
31. May
Prof. Dr. Lars Adolph | Technikfolgenabschätzung und Entscheidungen unter Unsicherheit in der wissenschaftlichen Politikberatung
Rotunde, Cartesium & Zoom
01. Jun
Die 4-in-1-Perspektive nach Frigga Haug
01. Jun
Studieren in Bremen
01. Jun
Dr. Martin Werner (U Bremen): Habilitationsvortrag, Titel folgt
Hörsaal H3, Geb. NW1, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
01. Jun
Antidiskriminierung an Hochschulen und Fragen der Intersektionalität
SFG 0150 & Zoom
01. Jun
Antidiskriminierung an Hochschulen und Fragen der Intersektionalität
SFG 0150 & Zoom
01. Jun
02. Jun
TIPP: Mitsingfest für alle: „Bremen so frei“
Marktplatz Bremen
05. Jun
MindTalks - Gehirn auf der Kippe: Selbstorganisation zwischen Chaos und Ordnung und die Trickkiste der Physik
Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstraße 4/5, Olbers-Saal
05. Jun
Rebellious Republics: Moscow versus the Periphery and Resistance to Khrushchev’s 1958 Soviet Education Reform
IW3 0330/ Online http://unihb.eu/KolloquiumOEG
06. Jun
Lunchtalk with Aleksandra Rumiantseva on Why Local Authorities Allow Dissent in Autocracies: Evidence from the 2017-2018 Navalny
OEG Raum 3790
06. Jun
"Strings & Winds" – Kammermusikalische Kostproben des Orchesters der Universität Bremen
06. Jun
Vielfalt im Kinderzimmer: Die Schwarze Kinderbibliothek als Praxisbeispiel für diversitätssensibles (Vor)lesen
06. Jun
Marcel Reutzel: Time-resolved ARPES of excitons
Hörsaal H3, Geb. NW1, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
06. Jun
Warum befindet die Weltarbeiterbewegung sich in der Krise?
Bremen | Wiener Straße 9 | FVG Raum W0060
06. Jun
The Geopolitics of Small Things – Ukrainian Life, One Year On
Rotunde, Cartesium Gebäude der Universität Bremen
06. Jun
Vortrag: Performing Porn? Sexuelle Skripte und die Performances des Sex (Dr. Lea-Sophie Schiel, Berlin)
Schwankhalle Bremen, Buntentorsteinweg 112/116, 28201 Bremen
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Studierende laufen am MZH entlang und unterhalten sich

Studying at the University of Bremen

Whether it be the compact campus, the diverse study programs on offer, or the green cycling city – a degree at the University of Bremen has a lot to offer.

You can choose from a broad range of degree program at the University of Bremen:

  • more than 100 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs
  • the state examination in law
  • international degree courses and further training offers


The University of Bremen is one of Germany’s medium-sized universities. In its mission statement, the university prioritizes:

Academic Consultation

Visit the following points of contact for information on studying:

Applying to Study

We provide comprehensive and detailed information on applications and enrollment for the following areas:

All about research

Reagenzgläser mit verschiedenfarbigen Flüssigkeiten.

High level of third-party funding

A great strength of the University of Bremen is its considerable success in the acquisition of third-party funds, both in individual as well as in collaborative research. The German Research Foundation (DFG) is the largest provider of third-party finance: Besides the MARUM Cluster of Excellence, the University of Bremen is currently involved in no less than seven Collaborative Research Centers, as well as a number of research groups and priority programs.

Zwei Personen bei der gemeinsamen Arbeit im Labor.

Strategic promotion of talent

The targeted promotion of young talent, unlocking potential, and early independence are among the guiding principles of the University of Bremen. We offer intensive support to young academics in six DFG research training groups, numerous junior research groups and also through doctoral programs offered in cooperation with non-university research institutions.

Zwei Lehrende arbeiten vor Zuhörern an einem Flipchart.

Lifelong learning

The University of Bremen is a place of lifelong learning. With our offers of continuing education we enable you to acquire knowledge of cutting-edge research. Discover the wide range of our offers and benefit from the unique combination of practice-oriented learning and innovation.

Facets of the University of Bremen


The diversity of our students and staff is both a framework as well as a prerequisite for high quality in research and teaching. As a cross-sectional priority and central profiling feature, we take account of diversity in our teaching and learning formats, in the structure of degree programs, and in the content of research and teaching. Moreover, diversity orientation and equal opportunity also guide us in the composition of teams and the design of counseling.   


Internationality is a strategic profiling objective of the University of Bremen. In keeping with our self-image as an international university, we see internationalization as a process that extends into all areas of the university – whether research, studies or administration. People from more than 100 nations enrich campus life. We are networked worldwide. In close cooperation with our partners, we work on the advancement of knowledge and finding solutions to global challenges.


The University of Bremen has been committed to sustainable development for years. Numerous projects and measures exist in the areas of research, teaching, operations, governance, and transfer, supporting the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. Among them are the outstanding EMAS environmental management program, the university’s promotion of social sustainability as well as several research institutions with a focus on sustainability

Campus Stories

Portait of Adela Talipov

The School Pupil

Every Friday, Adela Talipov switches back and forth between the university and her high school. As part of the early studies program, the 17-year-old student is attending a lecture on experimental physics. For her, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a taste of university life without the pressure.

Silke Heinrich

The Apprenticeship Coordinator

The University of Bremen is not only a place for students and young researchers, but also trains about 80 young people in various professions every year. Silke Heinrich from the University of Bremen coordinates this area. She establishes contact with schools and educational institutions and promotes vocational training at the university to young people.

Joachim Orlok

The Planner

"The Lord of the Buildings" – that's what the Bremen regional magazine “buten un binnen” once called Hans-Joachim Orlok in a report. After all, when it comes to buildings and areas used by the university, he is the one to call. He has a history with the university that began with his studies in 1978.

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