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Consequences of discrimination and violence

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Conflicts and discrimination influence the working and learning environment. Escalated conflicts can significantly affect the motivation, health and working capacity of those affected and their environment.

Individual consequences

Possible consequences of discrimination in education and employment for those affected start with self-doubt, dissatisfaction, and anger. This can lead to anxiety, aggression and de-motivation; to isolation and the limitation of professional development opportunities, to illness or abandonment of jobs and vocational training programs.

Institutional consequences

For an institution or business, unresolved conflicts and lack of response to discrimination and violence can have significant consequences.

Possible consequences are:

  • loss of resistance and splitting tendencies,
  • polarization and the escalation of opposites,
  • the destruction of solidarity and cohesion,
  • decision blocks and the loss of creativity and innovation,
  • incentives for the “stronger” elements, and thus the prevention of communication and diversity.

Other specific consequences can be:

  • Loss of loyalty, resignation and de-motivation of employees,
  • poor work results,
  • deterioration of the discussion climate and impairment of internal and external cooperation.