Our goals

Our work and services are designed to promote the skilled handling of conflict, discrimination and violence in educational and work contexts.

Our work aims at promoting an organizational culture that is characterized by mutual respect and tolerance, in which conflicts are taken seriously and handled responsibly, and discrimination and violence are consistently prevented and accordingly sanctioned.

The above entails establishing diversity competence as a continuous practice of understanding and the responsible handling of differences among individuals, teams and organizations.

We meet these goals with a continuous reflection on our work as well as the endeavor and interest to continuously develop our working practices, our expertise and the range of methods and offerings, while adapting them to the respective developments and requirements. more>

In our work, we experience that the way companies and organizations deal with conflicts or discrimination often oscillates between the poles “fear and defense”, on the one hand, and “voyeuristic and lurid” on the other. Accordingly, suggestions for change and the need for action are either deemed cumbersome or actionist. In this field of tension, organizations and companies are involved in the positioning and structuring of their conflict management and their anti-discrimination policy. As such, anti-discrimination and conflict counseling remain a challenge in current processes of structural change, one in which we are happy to support you with our goals and expertise.

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