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Our values


Our work is based on a relationship of trust with employer and our consulting clientele, while preserving the mutual interests and limitations. We advise on the basis of a legally protected relationship of trust. In this respect, we are equipped by the University management with an explicit right to silence.

Quality assurance

For us, quality means consistent solution- and result-oriented work. In order to secure and expand our professional activities, we implement professional quality assurance procedures: collegial case discussion, regular supervision, further and continuing education, continuous study of the literature. In addition, we also reflect on our work in the context of different networking contexts.

We work resource-oriented: We clarify the organizational resources and the individual resources, check the cost-benefit ratio, and take this into account in our offers.

Role clarity

The role distance and clarity in the respective role is a central requirement for our work. If we accept an assignment, we feel connected to our clientele, participants and clients on a human, ethical and legal level and in the context of defined goals and expectations. For this reason, we consider a binding clarification of goals and orders as well as a clear framework for cooperation to be indispensable.

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