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Target groups

Who can contact us?

Our offers are free of charge to all job trainees, students and employees of the University of Bremen and the public service departments of the state of Bremen.

This is possible because, as of May 2014, an ADE position is being financed under a cooperation agreement between the University and the Senator for Finance.

As a fee-based service, we also make our offers available to other universities in Bremen, external interested parties, private companies, associations and non-profit organizations. The University thus offers the possibility of transferring the knowledge and expertise built up over many years of experience in the area of ​​antidiscrimination and in conflict and organizational consulting to civil society in Bremen.

Wherever possible, we carry out an initial consultation free of charge.

Persons concerned

We advise the persons concerned and their confidants.

Do you have a conflict at your place of training or work, and do you consider the situation to be disruptive? Do you feel discriminated against or have you experienced abuse and / or violence at your workplace? Perhaps you also perceive conflicts or discrimination in your immediate working environment, or hear about it and want to clarify your options?

Then don’t hesitate to contact our advice center. We are here to assist you in such situations.

We have different consulting concepts for dealing with the different questions and problems people come to us with: We will clarify your situation with you. After that, we decide together with you in which form and under which conditions we can support you best.

You need our support? Then just give us a call. We would be happy to arrange a personal meeting.



People in leadership or with personnel responsibility

We advise managers, directors and people with personnel responsibility, employees’ representatives in all branches of the public service sector of Bremen.

Do you have a conflict in your team / company? Or do you perceive conflicts and discrimination in your area of work? Perhaps you have already received reports or complaints and you want to clarify your options or improve your conflict management skills?

Then don’t hesitate to contact our advice center. We are here to assist and advise you in such situations:

  • to reflect on and deal with concrete incidents and complaints
  • to develop and train conflict management skills
  • to implement legal provisions in your area
  • to develop preventive measures
  • to develop specific measures for your business / public authority / institution

Together with you, we carry out the measure(s) deemed appropriate.