Irina Zakharova

Am Fallturm 1
TAB Raum 3.86
28359 Bremen
Phonel: +49 (0) 421 218-64326
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Office Hours: By appointment

Research interests

  • Qualitative und creative scientific methods; Datafication; Educational technologies

Curriculum Vitae

I am a PhD student in the Information Management Research Group (AGIM) at the University of Bremen.  My research project investigates the methods used to explore datafication in media studies and their role in configuration of the sociotechnical datafication process.

Since February 2018, I have been working as a research assistant at the Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib). Currently, I am involved in the project DATAFEID: DATA For and In Education, focusing on school information systems and data. Previously, I was involved in the project Multimodal Algebra Learning, with a research focus on ethical, social and legal aspects of socio-technical systems for mathematics education.

I completed my Master's degree in 2018 in the Media Culture program at the University of Bremen with a thesis on the appropriation of assistive technologies in elder care. Before coming to Bremen, I graduated with an honors degree in public relations from Moscow State Administrative University in 2014. I also worked in areas of public relations and marketing in various companies.


Data inquiry: research in times of datafication

With datafication and deep mediatization (Hepp 2020), digital data have become an inherent part of communication across all societal domains. An increasing number of scholars propose new methodologies including creative, inventive, and artistic methods among others. These should add to the traditional research designs, struggling to grasp the processual character and fluidity of sociomaterial data assemblages (Law 2004:4, Kitchin 2014). While a broad variety of empirical and methodological work with a focus on datafication and digital data emerges, a systematic methodological conceptualization is yet lacking.

In general, the thesis is aligned with the argument of methods performativity (Law 2004, Barad 2007, Mol 2002, Savage 2013, Law and Ruppert 2013) that methods of studying datafication are a part of the datafied society and co-produce it. The focus of my investigation is in particular on methods within media studies, also encompassing educational media. I consider how ‘methods-in-practice’ produce (social) realities in multiple ways.

My monographic thesis seeks to examine which kinds of methods are currently used to explore datafication processes, which kinds of knowledges about datafication do they help to produce, and how do they configure the concept of datafication. With my empirical examination, I aim to map out what is the character of the datafication according to the current empirical research.