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Students from New York Conduct Research in Bremen

Chirag Shah and  Keyur Solanki.
Chirag Shah and Keyur Solanki.

Two master’s students of Material Sciences from New York University (NYU) conducted practice-oriented research during a two-month scientific internship at the Cluster MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes at the University of Bremen. They were financially supported the Santander BISIP program. This was the beginning of a new cooperation with NYU. The two NYU students ran and analyzed a test series on a 3D printer at the business ‘Materialise’ located at the technology park under the guidance of Tim Domagala. Their scientific supervisors were Dr. Axel von Hehl of the Leibniz Institute for Materials Science (IWT) and Dr. Dirk Lehmhus of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM), who initiated the cooperation. The framework of the research internship is particularly appealing to the students from New York because it offers them the possibility of doing an internship at a business while being supervised scientifically and graded by the university or another research institution.


Author: International Office.

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