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Digitalisation of teaching and studying: Between pole position and deep slumber

Last year, the University of Bremen adopted the SKILL programme, which is intended to advance digitalisation of teaching and studying. Will green boards and white chalk soon be a thing of the past? What kind of acceptance is this programme finding at the university? Where does the university stand in its own digitalisation efforts – and in comparison to other universities nationwide? In a video interview (in German), Christoph Sodemann spoke with the vice-rector responsible for the programme, Professor Thomas Hoffmeister, about these and other questions.

Viele Bildschirme mit Videos und Videokonferenzen

Faculty 1 graduation goes online, and how!

The Physics and Electrical Engineering Faculty pulled out all the stops to stage a high-tech online graduation. 230 participants switched on the ceremony and were treated to a multi-device experience: two parallel Zoom sessions working in concert with seven computers, two microphones, two projectors and two video cameras. The soundtrack: music from Star Wars and Schubert piano melodies live from Dr Christian Melsheimer's own music room. 76 of the 150 graduates present were honoured with live or pre-recorded contributions. The closing speech was given by our board member Dr Reinhard Ahlers, and after an hour’s delay the champagne corks were popped. Wow! Imitation recommended. 

Bremen should not be left behind as a research and academic institution

Against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic and the resulting drop in revenues, the current budget negotiations undoubtedly pose great challenges for all actors in politics and administration. At the same time, we, the alumni, are alarmed by the current discussions about the funding of the Science Plan 2025. Our board has addressed politics and the media with a statement. (German only)

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