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A Song That Gets Easily Stuck in Your Head

However, at the Academy of Continuing Education this abbreviation has a different meaning: It stands for great flexibility in continuing education, for a modular system of information, and a maximized acquisition of knowledge.

Have you perhaps also considered that this could be the perfect moment to give explorative learning new space in your life? Being an alumnus or alumna is wonderful – the times when you were a student yourself have been over for a while, you have settled in your career but are open to new directions?

The thought of lifelong learning is not new. No matter if you are practice-oriented or thrive on theory, an exchange at this point signifies an enormous benefit for both sides. There are currently offers in four LIFE topics: Computer Science, Digital Media, Digitalization; Health and Care; Energy Systems and Process Engineering; and Aeronautical Engineering.

Curious? Would you like to throw your hat in the ring and use this great chance for excellent continuing education opportunities? Members of Alumni der Universität Bremen e. V. receive a 5 % discount.

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