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“Wohnen für Hilfe” – Helps Both Sides Free of Charge

Where there used to be whole families living together, today, there are mainly single older people. Former children’s rooms or studies stay unused. To vivify the house – that’s what a senior citizen might wish for. On the other hand, each year, many students look for a suitable place to live – with little money most of the time, but energetic and open-minded.

It seems natural to get these two groups together. “Wohnen für Hilfe” made that their goal. Contracts are written between senior citizens who can offer a room and students willing to work to live there: For each square meter the students inhabit free of charge, they work one hour around the house or garden, on the computer, help with the grocery shopping, or provide assistance otherwise.

However, good chemistry is also important. Both parties are encouraged to find that out in one or several meetings to get to know each other. A bit of courage and a sense of adventure is necessary for both sides as well, in order to live together with somebody who is a stranger at first.

“Wohnen für Hilfe” assists with these contracts as much as is wanted and is available later as well in order to answer questions.

Are you interested?

You can reach “Wohnen für Hilfe” at the Service Line 115 or directly at either +49-163-9299946 or via email at wohnenfuerhilfeprotect me ?!gmxprotect me ?!.de.