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Internationally Trained Teachers

Mädchen vor einer diversen Schülergruppe

The demands on teachers have changed. Unlike thirty years ago, a diverse student body is normality today. When dealing with students (and their parents) from different countries of origin, future teachers need inter- and transcultural competences that allow them to become a teacher who is sensitive to diversity.

The University of Bremen is one of nineteen universities in Germany that won the tender ‘Internationalization of Teacher Training’ of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). The International Office and Department 12 were able to secure funding of more than 400,000 Euro for the three-year project. It strives to incorporate internationalization elements into the curriculum for future teachers, to adjust the advisory structure accordingly, and to build a network of focus partnerships. The university is joined by the universities of Namibia, Vienna, and Linköping in Sweden.