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U Bremen Excellence Chairs: Close Cooperation with International Experts

“This step will boost science in Bremen and our international cooperation substantially.”
Prof. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Rector of the University of Bremen
Enge Zusammenarbeit dank des U Bremen Excellence Chairs: Professor Petar Popovski (links), Experte für drahtlose Kommunikation der Universität Aalborg, diskutiert mit seinem Bremer Kollegen Armin Dekorsy.

In January 2019, the program of the U Bremen Excellence Chairs launched at the University of Bremen, which fosters and strengthens core scientific areas as well as international cooperation with expert visiting professors. The first U Bremen Excellence Chairs already took their jobs, four of which are located centrally at the University of Bremen, while three are at the Excellence Cluster ‘The Ocean Floor – Unexplored Interface of the Earth’ of MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences. The program, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the state of Bremen, allows for the chairs to spend time at the University of Bremen multiple times a year and develop research groups with their hosts and junior researchers in situ. The U Bremen Excellence Chairs are closely connected to the structures of the respective department and can supervise doctoral candidates. Each of these visiting professorships is funded for four years, and a new tender for four additional U Bremen Excellence Chairs will start this spring.