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“Still Bound by the Spirit of Societal Responsibility”

Rektor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Scholz-Reiter
© Universität Bremen

50 Years of Uni Bremen – what does the university stand for today, and which perspectives does it have? We put those questions to Professor Dr.-Ing. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, who has been Rector of the University of Bremen since 2012. “Many ideas for reform from the 1970s are still present today, for example the flat hierarchies,” stresses Scholz-Reiter in the video interview. At the same time, the then reform university has evolved and set new trademarks along the way. 

For example, the University of Bremen has in the meantime established itself as a “climate university” and acts among “the top players internationally.”

Professor Scholz-Reiter’s paramount concern is the project YUFE – Young Universities for the Future of Europe. Within this EU consortium, ten young universities from across Europe have come together to form a joint European university. “It will be a university at which we will not only present ourselves differently academically but also as people: rooted in the region but equipped with a European identity,” the rector states.

Scholz-Reiter has great respect for the work of the alumni association: “The Alumni managed to integrate many new members into the association, substantially support the work at the university in an active way, represent the university in society, and financially support it at the same time.”

You can watch the full interview, which also covers digitalization at the university as well as plans for the anniversary year, here:


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