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The University Reflected in its Theses


That is the topic of a group of alumni searching for documents and findings in the University Archive on the fifty years of history of the University of Bremen. Yet, as is common for historians, they at first have questions for their former fellow students.


Were theses mostly about sociopolitical questions in the first years of the university? To what extent did the urban society and the economy in Bremen benefit from research-oriented theses? A group of volunteers want to follow up on these questions. The first finding was made at the second meeting: The University Archive does not even have all theses. This is because in the first years of the university there was no systematical archive. Additionally, the archive has to economize its resources. Therefore, only one in ten theses is randomly selected for archival as well as all theses with a direct reference to Bremen. The archive group therefore calls on all alumni: Please provide us with the topic of your thesis and the year it was written (anonymously if you prefer). You can participate in the survey here.


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