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Alumni at BSAG on March 14

Impressions of the evening

In der Partybahn der BSAG

Bremen on the Move – with BSAG

This is the motto that also moved Bremen University’s alumni on March 14. The ‘Partitour’ attracted many members to participate in a visit to the long-standing company in Bremen. At the invitation of Michael Rode (transport planner at BSAG and alumnus of the University of Bremen), the group first received an insight into the company. Jens-Christian Meyer, spokesperson of BSAG, presented interesting figures and facts in an entertaining talk. Michael Rode described his career – at university and at BSAG – and was able to join the tour together with head of the planning department Volker Arndt. The party tram went from the Neustadt to Bremen-Mahndorf and provided ample time for conversations, networking, and planning. New ideas were born, and current plans of Bremer Straßenbahn AG were discussed. From horse-drawn tramways to today’s and the future’s electro mobility, the company has been organizing the transport of now up to 300,000 people daily since 1876. Holding 99.11 percent, the municipality of Bremen is almost the only shareholder. Because which entrepreneur nowadays can offer assurances for 22.5 years into the future? Bremen can and, thereby, provides security for staff members and draws up ambitious plans for the future of the company. No matter if it is about trams, buses, minibus tours in the city center, or the design of new transportation hubs, tram or bus stops, or connecting new districts – urban development is supported actively and in a modern fashion. To accomplish that, professional servicing, maintenance, refurbishing, and a service workshop are necessary, the latter of which our alumni also toured with interest and excitement. Mr. Rode and the technically competent staff members on duty answered all questions on the many different individual trades that are under the same roof at Flughafendamm. With a shop for everything from the upholstery to the paint shop, BSAG can completely maintain and equip its vehicles. The trams itself are bought ready-made and are then equipped with the city-typical features (color, front, etc.). The interior design is selected by a panel of guests and people with disabilities, so that everything works out and every passenger can be transported optimally as well as safely. Being on tour with the alumni of the University of Bremen has, once more, moved us and has additionally given us exciting insights into the heart of the mobility of our city.