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Kerstin Kracht

Foto von Prof. Kerstin Kracht

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

IW3 1180

+49 176 20584182

kkrachtprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Fields of research

Kerstin Kracht deals with topics in the field of Vibration Technology and Structural Dynamics, in particular:

  • Experimental investigation and continuum mechanical description of the vibration behavior of oil paintings on textile,
  • Investigation of the damage mechanisms of oil paintings,
  • Modeling of the vibration behavior of 3-D artworks using the finite element method (FEM) based on the Experimental Modal Analysis results (Model Updating),
  • Optimization and stabilization of vibration reducing and shock absorbing mounts,
  • Nonlinear dynamics.

Teaching on the following topics

  • Fundamentals of mechanics,
  • Continuum dynamics & fatigue strength,
  • Finite Element Method (FEM),
  • Vibration engineering,
  • Nonlinear vibrations.

Curriculum Vitae

Seit 04/2021 Head of the Department (p. p.) "Applied & Structural Mechanics" at the University of Bremen
09/2020 – 03/2021 Guest professor of “Mechanics of Artworks and Cultural Objects” at the Chair of Continuum Mechanics and Materials Theory at the TU Berlin (financed by the Women's Promotion Program Jointpro)
Seit 04/2017 Independent engineer of Vibration Technology and Structural Dynamics
2015-2017 Research & Development engineer at paconsult, an environmental testing lab in Hamburg
2014-2015 Maths and Physics high school teacher at the ecolea in Schwerin
2013-2015 Research and teaching associate with permanent tasks at the Chair of Mechatronics and Machine Dynamics at the TU Berlin
2006-2013 Research and teaching assistant at the Chair of Mechatronics and Machine Dynamics at the TU Berlin
2006-2011 Doctor of Engineering with the thesis entitled “Untersuchung des Schwingungsverhaltens von Ölgemälden in Abhängigkeit der Alterung” (Faculty V at TU Berlin)
2001-2006 Studies of physical engineering at the TU Berlin