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Call for Papers

Workshop "Denaturalizing climate change: migration, mobilities and spaces"

This workshop has two goals: on the one side, we aim at further developing critical empirical research perspectives that address social processes linked to climate change. On the other side, we want to use climate change as a “theory machine” (cf. Helmreich 2011, Galison 2003) that helps us to gain new insights into transformation processes of the 21st century more generally.

In recent years, the climate change and mobility nexus has become a central focus for the interdisciplinary field of climate change adaptation research. Much attention has been given to defining, measuring, and consequentially managing environmentally driven migration, mirroring widespread public concerns about increased human mobility from global South to North in the context of climate change. So far, the issue has been largely discussed along existing categories of migration control, often overlapping with security discourses addressing perceived threats of future climate change. Determining the role of environmental factors for human mobility remains contentious and tends to rely on a problematic distinction between society and nature as two clearly separable realms.

Call for Papers