Growth criticism & the ‘New Right‘ – An analysis of current discourses and narratives of post-growth and the ‘New Right‘


PhD candidate
Felix Wilmsen

Michael Flitner

Right-wing populist parties as well as groups of the so-called ‚New Right‘ have seen growing recognition following the latest economic crisis in Europe and beyond. At a smaller scale, this can also be witnessed for the post-growth- and degrowth movement, respectively, where activists have taken on the struggle against the socially and ecologically precarious orientation towards economic growth in the Global North. Despite this high claim, debate of how to deal with far-right and inhuman positions that might also be present within the movement itself remains hesitant. At the same time, attempts by the ‘New Right’ to appropriate post-growth ideas are becoming more frequent.

The dissertation project looks at how and to what extent the discourses and narratives of post-growth and degrowth, respectively, and the ‘New Right‘ might be interlinked. Furthermore, it aims to introduce awareness of speech as well as a non-essentialist perspective to the post-growth discussion in order to counter possible far-right and inhuman narratives.

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