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María Garteizgogeascoa M.A.

Doctoral candidate in the research area of Sustainable Development and Environmental Governance at artec Sustainability Research Center, University of Bremen, Germany

Research projects

Social-Ecological Tipping Points of the Northern Humboldt Current Upwelling System, Economic Repercussions and Governance Strategies (Humboldt-Tipping)
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  • Coastal-marine resource governance
  • Prospective and future studies to explore social-ecological futures
  • Feminist political ecology in fisheries
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation


Peer-reviewed publications:

Garteizgogeascoa, M., García-del-Amo, D,  Reyes-García, V. (2020). Using proverbs to study local perceptions of climate change: a case study in Sierra Nevada (Spain). Regional Environmental Change, 20, 59. DOI:

Fernández‐Llamazares, Á, Garteizgogeascoa, M, Basu, N, Brondizio, E.S, Cabeza, M, Martínez‐Alier, J., ..., Reyes‐García, V. (2019). A State‐of‐the‐Art Review of Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Pollution. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 16(3), 324-341. DOI:


Garteizgogeascoa, M (2016). Do riparian functional groups from northern Sweden respond differently to hydropeaking? Bachelor thesis. Umeå universitet. Sweden. Superviso: Dr. Maria Dolores Bejarano.


Since June 2019
Ph.D. candidate at artec Sustainability Research Center, Universität Bremen

11/2018- 03/2019
Intern at the Global Change and Conservation (GCC). Helsingin Yliopisto, Finland

Master (M.Sc) studies (Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability – SAES; minor Global change) at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

B.Sc Erasmus studies in Umeå universitet

2012- 2016
Bachelor (B.Sc) studies in biology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid



University of Bremen
Sustainability Research Center
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28359 Bremen

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