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PhD Supervision

Date and Time: 09 + 10 + 11 February 2021, 9:00 - 12:00


Trainer: Mirjam Godskesen (PhD), Copenhagen

Zwei Personen im Gespräch an einem Bürotisch.

PhD supervision is a core activity in an academic career and PhD candidates carry out a substantial part of the research at Bremen University. Your ability to motivate PhD candidates, to help them realize their full potential and address their challenges in a constructive way determines whether they develop into competent, independent researchers and generate high-level scientific results.
If PhD supervisors do not engage in competence development, research shows that they either supervise as they were supervised themselves or, if they were not satisfied with the supervision they experienced, they do the opposite. This approach narrows down the space for action and does not necessarily support each PhD candidate in the optimal way.
The aim of this seminar is to create room to reflect on your role as a supervisor, to exchange experiences with other supervisors and to provide you with tools needed to supervise PhD candidate at a professional level. Teaching at the course is very interactive and alternates between presentations, working with tools and methods, and exchanging experiences related to supervision.

Learning goals - after completing the course you will:

  • Be able to reflect on your own supervision style in a broader perspective  
  • Be able to identify challenging phases of the PhD project and act on upcoming crises  
  • Have acquired communicative tools for active listening and giving feedback
  • Adapt the supervision process, so the PhD candidates’ learning is optimized
  • Take intercultural dimensions into account in the supervision
  • Be able to clarify mutual expectations between you, the PhD candidate and other supervisors/people connected to the project
  • Get new ideas for your supervision from exchanging experiences with other supervisors  



This workshop is a cooperation between BYRD and the Human Ressources Development. Please register here.


Trainer: Mirjam Godskesen (PhD)

Mirjam Godskesen is an independent consultant and researcher with an affiliation to Aalborg University in Denmark, where she was formerly an Associate Professor at Department of Culture & Learning. She has been involved in developing and facilitating workshops for doctoral supervisors since 2008 and now leads workshops in both the Nordic countries and across Europe. Her current research interest is the coaching and education of doctoral supervisors with a particular focus upon how to help them integrate the tools of active listening and coaching into their supervisory practice.

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